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TECH Featured Staff | Nancy LaMunyon

TECH Featured Staff | Nancy LaMunyon

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a TECH staff person looks like?  Here's your chance to hear direct from the source.  We asked Nancy LaMunyon, Direct Support Professional in Production at TECH, to tell us about her role, how she got started at TECH and what she loves about her job!


T | Nancy, give us your TECH, Inc. story.  How did you get started at TECH and what are your career goals within the organization?

N | I was offered a secretarial position in August of 1993, through a temp service, which was just a part-time job. I had to go through the interview process with Larry Cupps. He then offered the position to me. I worked with the full-time secretary three times a week and only for 20 hours per week. I worked for 3 months before a position opened up for a full-time job in the break room. Again I went through the hiring process and by this time I had got to know the clients and the staff.  On November 18, 1993, I was hired for the break room position. I really looked forward to coming to work. The pay was not the incentive, but the personalities and the love shown to me by the clients were what made me want to stay and work. I have worked in all the positions that the workshop had to offer: break room, the can & plastic recycling area, Dillon's, Consolidated area and Hubco. Some of these jobs are no longer at the workshop. I have tried of few other jobs, like working in residential, but I found that my true passion is working with the clients in a work setting on a daily basis trying to improve and make a difference in their lives. I plan on retiring from TECH in the near future, as long as I can financially make retirement work. I am hoping to finish my 25 years at TECH and then retire.

T | Do you have a motto or personal mantra you live by?

N | I really don't have a motto or Mantra. I figure at my age," making it day by day and living to tell about it" is about as close to my Mantra as I'm going to get.

T | Any fun office nicknames you can share with us?

N | The girls in production call me "Nancy Pants"

Nancy works alongside Phil at the Production area at TECH's Avenue B location.


T | Explain to us what you do as a DSP within the production area at Avenue B.

N | As a DSP, we ensure that jobs are available for clients, work with the clients, teaching the correct ways to perform the jobs, training on the importance of quality of work, making sure they are at work on time after breaks and lunch, safety and well-being of each client, being treated with respect and dignity for each other, teaching patience and giving patience.

T | What does a typical day as a DSP Production employee look like?

N | Our work starts at 7:15am Monday through Friday. We ensure each client has a job suitable for them, making sure they are clocked in, encouraging them to work to their potential with verbal and physical assistance when needed.  Communicating on a personal and professional level, assisting with personal hygiene, helping them to be more of an independent person, counseling, being a good listener, someone with a lot of compassion and concern for our persons and also becoming a referee when needed and trying to be the best role model as possible.


T | What TECH, Inc. project or accomplishment do you consider to be the most significant in your tenure?

N | When the Training Center went through a major change structurally in 1996 or 1997.  The inside workshop became more efficient, more client friendly and many areas became comfortable climate wise.

T | What would people would be surprised to know about your position?

N | That being able to multi-task is a must and having the ability to listen to several people at one time is a requirement.

T | How has TECH, Inc. helped you with your career development?

N | I've always enjoyed working with people whether it was at the Fox Theatre, Bonanza or my sister's daycare. Working for TECH has opened my horizons to the diversity of people and getting to know them on a more personal level. It taught me to be a little bit stronger, maybe not so much emotionally (I don't think that will ever change), but to be able to see everyone in a different light and how much we are different in our thoughts, commitments, and strengths.

T | What advice do you have for anyone who might want to become a DSP in the production area?

N | Your commitment to the job needs to be strong and patience would be a strong suit.

T | What’s your favorite thing about working for TECH, Inc?

N | My favorite part of working for TECH is meeting all the amazing people involved with TECH. Whether it be the clients, the staff, parents, guardians, all the people that come to Bar-B-Ques, the Ulsters, all the events and anyone that visits and takes a tour.

Nancy says "the people" are one of her favorite things about her job.


T | If you could witness one historic event, what would it be?

N | There are just too many to pick just one.

T | Favorite things to do on your days off?

N | Spending time with Steve, my children, and grandkids.

T | I’m happiest when...

N | Spending time with my family, helping someone & shopping.


Thanks, Nancy, for sharing with us! For those of you considering a career helping others and think TECH could be a good place for you, be sure to visit our Careers page and check out our current openings!