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2017 TECH Annual Report

Dear Friends,

When I look back at 2017, I can’t help but think about what an exceptional year it was. Our work at TECH is driven by a passion to create opportunities for those we serve and this past year was no exception.

In January 2017, we packed up our Avenue A offices (after 30 years!) and moved to our new location in Downtown Hutchinson, the heart of our community. Our new location offers greater visibility for TECH, and further integrates the people we serve into our community. We were welcomed by downtown businesses with open arms, warm smiles, and kind words of encouragement for the work we do, and the mission we serve. Our community has been incredibly supportive of TECH and the people we serve.

The move to the Wiley Building offered us something greater than just a central location and visibility, though. It offered us the opportunity to open a professional Art Gallery where the TECH Artists are able to sell their artwork to the public during business hours. Shoppers stop in the Gallery and are constantly in awe at the work being created by each of the artists. There is no greater joy than seeing the smile on the faces of the artists when one of their pieces is admired by others and then purchased. It reminds me why our board worked so diligently to make our vision become a reality!

We are deeply proud of the work that we and the people we serve have achieved this past year. Growth comes not only in large triumphs but also in the quiet moments of each and every day. I could share numerous stories with you about our team’s unwavering focus on the people we serve and their effort to help them achieve the life they want to live. These stories, the moments that go by without recognition or applause are the moments that embody TECH.

Each story in this Annual Report reflects a person, moment or experience that has energized us to push forward and continually raise the bar in the work that we do every single day. 2017 has set the bar high for us here at TECH but we look to the future and see exciting things on the horizon. I look forward to reporting back to you a year from now about how we will continue to make life better for those we serve, not only because that is what they deserve, and what our staff and board members expect, but also because it is what our community has come to know…until next year!


Brenda Maxey, President/CEO

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