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Lending a Helping Hand with Service Coordination at TECH

January 30, 2019

Sometimes, the process of getting started with services can be overwhelming and having a partner along the way can be an invaluable resource. TECH offers residential and day services but also offers a Service Coordination program for clients that just need a helping hand to navigate the sometimes complex system of receiving services.

The Roddy Family

Jessica Roddy’s sons, Dakota (13) and Anzen (11), have been receiving services from TECH since Dakota was just two years old. “When Dakota was diagnosed with autism, the doctors gave me a list of resources and I immediately got him onto the autism waiver. TECH was a familiar name to me and made the choice to reach out for help,” says Jessica. TECH has helped connect Jessica and the boys to a variety of services in the community that she might not have otherwise known about or it would have taken longer for her to get access to without our help. Deb (TECH Service Coordinator) reaches out to the family frequently, just to check in and see if there is anything she can help with. In addition to being an advocate and making connections for the family, TECH has been able to help the Roddy’s with resources various resources the boys and family need to help take a little piece off of their plate when we can.

Dakota, left, and Anzen, right, visit Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Many people don’t understand once you are on the wait list, it can take years to get off of the wait list and begin to receive funding for resources. “Don’t wait,” is Roddy’s advice when it comes to putting your child’s name on the wait list. “We are still waiting and it’s been 11-12 years.”

Through Jessica’s experiences, she has gained a lot of knowledge on being an advocate for her children and tries to help other families as they begin the journey of trying to find resources for their own children. “It’s pretty overwhelming. Not only does it (diagnosis) change your lifestyle, people around you don’t understand that things aren’t the same and it can be hard to find help,” says Roddy. She went on to say “Support is so important. You need a team around you to help you along the way.”

“TECH is a good place to start. While they can provide a lot of resources, they also have a community of people and activities to participate in like bowling, a BBQ and pumpkin painting.”

To learn more about TECH’s Service Coordination program, visit our website here or call (620) 663-1596 and ask for Brenda Sue Caselton.