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March 10, 2021

TECH, Inc. will be implementing a hiring bonus for all new DSP staff hired through the month of April 2021.

Newly hired Direct Support Professional staff will receive a $500 hiring bonus, made payable after 3 employee milestones.


Milestone #1: Newly hired employees, who successfully complete ALL required background screenings and onboarding paperwork, provide appropriate documents as required, and complete their first week of employment will receive $100 on their very first paycheck.

Milestone #2: Employees who successfully complete their first 90 days of service will receive $150 on the paycheck following their 90th day of employment.

Milestone #3: Employees who successfully complete the remaining time needed to get to their 6 month or 1/2 year anniversary date will receive $250 on the paycheck following their 180th day of service.


Applies to full time, DSP positions. Other hiring conditions may apply.
TECH, Inc. reserves the right to modify, cancel, or extend this programming with or without notice.