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About Us

Disability Organizations

The Catalyst for Full and Happy Lives

Based in Hutchinson, Kansas, TECH provides services and programs to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Reno County to live the fullest lives possible. Additionally, we provide service coordination to families with children who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our Purpose



TECH is committed to assisting individuals with disabilities to live full and productive lives through advocacy, education and quality supports.



Our founders believed individuals with disabilities deserve opportunities and support to achieve their potential. Since our founding, TECH has helped such individuals live the fullest lives possible.

How We Serve

No matter who we are serving, we help families make the best choices for their loved ones. TECH facilitates the opportunity to be creative, to dream and to become inspired. We provide a place to grow and to gain a sense of self-worth while encouraging each person to reach the highest level of independence possible. For the people we serve, TECH is the catalyst for a full and happy life.

The TECH Pillars



Empowering people to live and work as independently as able



Helping people find fulfillment through creative expression



Ensuring people feel productive through meaningful work and activities



Facilitating loving relationships with family and friends through every transition

Our History

Since 1973, we have helped individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve their independence. For nearly 50 years, TECH has expanded our facilities to better serve clients and help them achieve their dreams of becoming active, valued members of the community.

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