Adult Life Skills

The Opportunities Are Endless!

TECH's Adult Life Skills day service program provides a variety of activities for the people we serve that focus on education, technology, creating, socializing, life skills and leisure.


The ALS staff find education opportunities in everyday moments. They do refreshers on letter, number, shape and color recognition; teach money skills through games such as Penny Annie; and practice sign language as an alternative form of communication.


ALS has technology stations where you can access computers to check email, browse the internet, play games and check on social media. Computers are also used during educational classes as a resource when researching information.


We create at the ALS nearly every day. Activities include scrapbooking, card, book and jewelry making, canvas crafts, stamping, bulletin boards, and many seasonal crafts. ALS also partners with our retirement homes on many craft activities.

Social Skills

We practice social skills through daily interactions with each other at the ALS so you can be fully prepared for positive social interactions in the community.

Life Skills

Staff work hard to help you with daily life skills such as grocery shopping, good personal hygiene and understanding personal safety. we also spend time exploring our community and resource available to you, such as RCAT.


The ALS is always having fun! Whether it is movie and popcorn day, coffee (or tea) time, or social hour, laughter can always be heard around the room! The ALS also works exercise into their daily routine.