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Aly and Hillary get 2nd COVID Vaccination

February 16, 2021

“Co-Workers who drink Dr. Pepper together, get COVID-19 vaccinated together.”


Hillary Jenkins, Receptionist at the Wiley facility, and Aly Spradling, Director of Human Resources, celebrate after receiving their 2nd COVID vaccination Monday with a Dr. Pepper.


When asked about the experience, Aly said, “The Reno County Health Department has done a STAND UP job organizing, communicating and administrating the vaccination sets. I’ve been very impressed with all staff involved as I know the “Slow the Spread” efforts have been relentless for months upon months. Hillary and I had overlapping vaccination dates for both parts and after getting our second shot, we decided to celebrate with a Dr. Pepper.” Hillary added, “They [shots] didn’t hurt too bad.”


“Torrential rains for the first vaccination and a snow blizzard for the second. Nothing could stop us!” Aly said as she and Hillary exchanged laughter.


Aly and Hillary made the most of the experience. Aly took the first vaccination before Hillary, and Hillary offered to go first the second time. Hillary even made sure she didn’t wear any KU for the appointments and Aly picked her up from her home so they could ride together.


“If you’re a TECH employee and still on the fence about getting your vaccination, call the Reno County Health Department. The individuals who work there are super knowledgeable and passionate about helping others.”