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Fun Filled Week

April 20, 2020

 With the help of Ciera and Cathy, Andy Barkley was able to use video chat to connect with his brother. Andy was very excited about this!


Glendon Danler learned how to crochet a beanie with the help of Velma.


Lee Patterson and Jennifer Self enjoyed a game of hoops at Lorraine.


Sonya Wolfe, Marcus Mizell, Larry McDonald, Bruce Blasi, Bruce Watson, Tal Dondlinger, and John Healey enjoyed the beautiful weather with a picnic lunch at Orchard Park with Cara Conaway.


Carol Thiessen, Glendon Danler, and Lisa DeVault enjoy an arts and crafts project.


A Unicorn made an appearance at 12th Street!


John Healey and Larry McDonald enjoy Root Beer Floats!


12th Street enjoyed the beautiful weather with a van ride around town.


27th got a special delivery from Stephanie’s sister. They got busy creating and enjoyed making headbands, and other jewelry out of the beads they recieved.


Thanks to Carie for the beautiful masks for the staff at 12th Street!