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TECH Art Program

Kansas State Fair Art

September 10, 2018

Be sure to find the following award-winning pieces of art in the Oz Building. There are three different classifications in the Adaptive Art Competition and they give out 1st through 8th place awards.:

1st Place

First Place:  Michael Decker’s Green Abstract (also receiving Best of Show Runner-Up)

First Place :  Inez Veiyra’s “Trigger” (also receiving Best of Show)

First Place : Stan Balman’s “Stan’s Fire Truck” (also receiving Best of Show Runner Up)

2nd Place

Second Place: Lisa DeVault’s “Cabin”

Second Place: Laurie Jarrett’s “The Mayan Yellow Brick Road”

3rd Place

Third Place: Pam Carey’s “Bull Rider”

Third Place: Kelli Bringle’s “Crazy George”

4th Place

Fourth Place: Dennis Blick’s “Duck in the Grass”

Fourth Place: Donald Wilson’s “Barn”

5th Place

Fifth Place: Michelle Day’s House with a porch

Fifth Place: Lee Hammond’s Cross

6th Place

Sixth Place: Andy Barkley’s “Houston We’ve Got a Problem”

7th Place

Seventh Place: Stephanie Drews’s “Farris Wheel in the Nighttime”

Seventh Place: Stan Bandel’s “Lines in the Sand”