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OneCare Kansas Provider Learning Forum

August 24, 2019

TECH, Inc’s Chara Kemerling represented the organization as a panel speaker on Health Home Provider Perspectives at the OneCare Kansas Provider Learning Forum, August 15th, in Newton.  Chara was joined by Temple Connery from Valeo and Commissioner Jeremy Johnson from Crawford County.  Chara spoke during two different learning sessions, and was fortunate to also have Becky Ross as a facilitator during the sessions, along with Vanessa Lohf.  Vanessa is a Project Specialist with Public Health Initiatives at WSU.  Becky is a retired Medicaid Initiatives Coordinator, KDHE Division of HealthCare Finance, who was instrumental in the first Health Homes initiative, and also in the development of OneCare Kansas.      

TECH was reached out to and requested to be a panel speaker related to our excellent reputation as a former health home.  Chara did an excellent job in her presentation!