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Stay at Home Fun Continues

April 6, 2020

As we continue to be under a stay at home order, the TECH staff continues to find new creative ways to keep spririts lifted.


Dawn Adams and Kim Elliot completed a cute kitty puzzle and then went for a walk to lift their spirits.


Melody Suppes, Justina Tavares, Erin Perry, and Lydia Rostine send out a message to the clients from the Training Center.


Carie found an idea online and asked if this could be done on the privacy fence at 12th Street. Approval was given and chalk and tape were delivered the next day. The clients loved it and were asking when they could do more.


Michael Waters brought in his guitar last week and played while singing, effectively lifting spirits at 12th Street. Andy Barkley, in particular, watched the entire time Michael played, and he even got to play for a bit!


Stan Balman, Stephanie Drews, Michelle Zahn, and Dee Hermes enjoyed getting the brushes and paint out and painting from home.