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Tell Me Something Good….

September 7, 2018

Tell me something good……. from Brenda Sue Caselton

Debbie O’Gorman helped the mother of a child we serve who has a disability herself, apply for and ultimately receive Social Security and on the very first try without an appeal.  This opens the door for her to begin to apply for and potentially receive services for herself in the future.

Word this how you want:  We have a new person that ported into our services from another provider a long way from here.  His transition has been as seamless as it possibly could be.  There is a long list of folks that should be recognized for their part in this interesting and challenging transition and continues to have many moving parts as he is settling in:  Chara Kemerling, Cheryl Vannaman, Danielle Vedder, David Barban, the Team at Lorraine, Cara Conaway, Patty Clark, Aurie Wornkey, Brenda Huddleston, Melissa Sadle, Brenda Maxey, Tony Railsback and his Maintenance guys.  (I am not sure who all worked on the project).

This man is showing through his demeanor and graciousness how happy and Blessed he feels and he is quickly building trust.  Thanks to everyone that has a hand in making his life a quality life.


Tell me something good……from David Barban

Huge shout out’s to my team

David Galemore, Takes PTO few and far in between and while on PTO is going to come in to work Just to help with clients at the bowling league on Friday. He knows how important it is for the clients to get out and how much they enjoy the bowling and their sense of accomplishment when they score big!

Jennifer Self, Wow go team go, Jennifer rolls with the punches and continues to be a driving force at Lorraine. Her good nature when things are hectic and more hectic is the morale booster we all need. Both staff and clients benefit from her humor and drive. She strives to improve even when things are tough.

Brooklyn Penner, workhorse extreme, Brooklyn has worked like crazy when we have been short of help, she has worked like crazy when we have had staff but the need exceeds. Brooklyn is always down to help whenever needed. She has been working like crazy and still managed to train a new staff. Just when things should be easier in her (work) world the need took up the slack and Brook still just plugs away ensuring everyone is taken care of to the best of her ability.

Cheyenne Ratley, my newest staff, she has strived to learn her job and just about the time she has got it, boy can we shake things up. Cheyenne is learning and learning some more, WELCOME ABOARD.

Michelle Koehler, Michelle is another team player, Michelle is consistently helping out with staff shortages and client needs. Michelle helps out whenever she can. Michelle has been at Lorraine a short time and has proved to be invaluable already.

Just saying I have the best team in all of TECH, this is all made possible by our direct leadership, Take a bow Boss, I couldn’t begin to list all the things you do for the Lorraine clients and staff but just helping me out the other day when I was behind made all the difference in my world that day and hey the clients sure appreciated it too.


Tell me something good…..from Jim Preston

Karen finished the August 24th payroll in 2 days. Daniel has kept the HCBS billings current for the last year.


Tell me something good….from Cara Conaway

On August 23rd, we gained a new client.  David Barban went out of his way to comfort and encourage him that his life would change for the better.  David continues to be a solid rock in this man’s world. He continues to provide a sense of security which he desperately needed.  A very special shout out to Dave for going above and beyond!