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Employee of the Month

TECH Employee Spotlight – Meet Julie Ostrowski

November 3, 2022

Meet Julie Ostrowski! Julie is a Service Coordinator here at TECH and has been with us for 1 year!

Get to Know Julie


What do you love about working at TECH?

I love being able to see the clients smiling faces every day.


What brought you to TECH?

I had recently moved to Hutch and was looking for a job in the social services field, and happened to stumble upon TECH. I went to the company website and loved what TECH stood for. Everything fell into place after that.


What TECH pillar means the most to you, and why?

Self-Worth. Giving the clients encouragement throughout their day is something very important to me, because they deserve to know just how important they are.


What is most rewarding about the specific position and job you have?

Being a Service Coordinator, I’m communicating with most everybody at TECH, from staff, to guardians, to clients. Knowing that I’m building relationships through helping others has been the best reward.


Do you have a special memory about working at TECH?

Helping out at the 2021 client Christmas parties was a special moment for me. I had only been working at TECH less than a month, and I already felt so welcomed by staff and clients.


Do you have a favorite quote or motto that you live by?

I try to be as kind as I can to others. You never know what someone is dealing with in the moment. A smile can go a long way.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy watching my streaming services, hanging out with my husband, going for walks, and going out to eat.