For Adults

Discover Your Full Potential

Adults with disabilities have the same dream as everyone else -- to lead a happy and rewarding life. They only need the opportunity. TECH provides adults with numerous programs and services that promote independence, creativity, happiness, and self worth. Our team is passionate about helping every client realize their dream of becoming active, valued members of the community!

Adult Services

  • Service Coordinators

    We will assist clients and their families to determine their needs, create a personalized plan of services, and connect clients to support services.  TECH’s Service Coordinators help provide an array of services to help individuals and their families cope and navigate complicated service systems in the most effective way.  The Service Coordinator, through Person Centered Services, helps people identify their personal goals, needs, and resources.  Through that assessment, the Service Coordinator will formulate a plan to help each person meet their goals.  The Service Coordinator helps consumers find needed resources and community connections.  They are advocates on the behalf of the client to obtain needed services and maintain communication with the consumer to continue to evaluate whether the person’s centered support plan is effectively meeting their life goals and needs.  Service Coordinators are really navigators in an otherwise cumbersome world of services.

  • Adult Life Skills Day Services

    Adult Life Services provide education and leisure activities for TECH clients.  The ALS allows TECH clients to participate in various on-site activities as well as many community activities.  Clients may spend time at the ALS learning sign language, working on motor skills, or playing bingo.

    We also offer art classes on Tuesday’s with local artist, Julie Black.  Clients can learn money skills, stay up to date on weather/news, participate in Helping Hands where they do activities such as making cards for the elderly, or even play games and sports.

    On several occasions, we offer ALS Community Activities to clients such as nutritional classes at Smith’s Market or an outing to the zoo or farmer’s market to name a few. During the summer, ALS participants can be found at the Mall taking in a movie or participating in an ice cream social and dance.

  • Employment Opportunities

    Employment opportunities at businesses in the community, at TECH’s Work Center or at TECH’s Affirmative Enterprise Center.

  • TECHnology Services

    The TECHnology lab helps clients work on several digital/computer skills for jobs and independent living.  Skills we focus on include:

    • Counting, color identification, shapes & matching
    • How to surf the internet, use Facebook, and e-mail while staying safe by not giving out too much personal information
    • Learning how to use an iPad/touchscreen and how to navigate through apps
    • Money recognition skills and learning how to make change

    We will adapt our services to whatever our client is interested in and would benefit from learning.  For some, it helps them maintain their skills, while for others it may be learning them for the first time.  We have a lot of educational games where learning these skills is fun and interactive.  After having spent time focusing on goals and objectives, there is also some social/leisure time to play games of personal interest that may be more hobby related and is more self-directed.

  • Residential Services

    TECH’s residential services are provided in a variety of settings, including continuously supported homes and individual residences throughout Reno County.  The goal of residential services is to provide a person centered approach and offer adults with disabilities the freedom to choose the level of support needed in their home.  Services can include activities of daily living, assistance with shopping, cooking, cleaning, money management, transportation and other services needed to provide individuals the opportunity to be successful and live an enriched life.