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Community Services for Business

TECH connects businesses with a previously untapped workforce for many types of employment opportunities. We work with local and regional businesses to become a partner in various job tasks that are less complex and may free up their human resources for other detailed projects. Current outsourcing projects include document destruction, product reclamation, packaging and item assembly.

Production/Labor Outsourcing

Through the TECH Work Force Center, we are able to take on contracts with businesses looking for a partnership.  The people we serve take pride in the work they do at the Work Center.  Currently, TECH works with Kroger and Dillons on a large recycling initiative and processes over 68,000 lbs of plastic bags every month!  We are one of fourteen reclamation centers for Kroger.  We unload, sort, scan, rebox, and ship out damaged goods for Kroger owned stores in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa.  The technology and environment allow people with many different abilities to be able to do the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my business would be a good partner for the TECH Work Center?

    As an employer, it can be challenging to find staff that are interested in performing repetitive job tasks. This is where we can step in and become a community partner in your organization’s success. The people that we serve who work at the TECH Work Center thrive in an environment with steady tasks and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day when they complete their job with 100% accuracy.