Living and working independently.

Our goal is to help clients be as independent as they are able and want to be.  For some, this may mean being able to do something as simple as utilizing the Rcat system for transportation on their own or as big as living independently and working in the community.  No matter what the goal is, we are here to help, encourage and support each of our clients along the way.

Jennifer's Story of Independence

Jennifer lives independently in the community and works at Pizza Ranch three days a week as well as attends the ALS two days a week.  She is able to arrange her own transportation and does her own grocery shopping, walking to the grocery store and picking out her items on her own.  Jennifer is also part of Faces of Faith, doing performances in the community as invitations are given.  Jennifer has a passion for life and thrives on being independent!

John's Story of Independence

John is diabetic and has the responsibility of monitoring his blood sugar.  He takes insulin on his own with staff observing and guiding him along the way, but he is able to do the entire process without staff assistance.  John also uses the Rcat independently to the ALS and back home.  He has learned in the last several years how much he enjoys doing art paintings and typically does one per week.  In the past, he created a cookbook with staff assistance in the TECHnology lab that held all of his diabetic friendly recipes.  He spent time looking for healthy recipes and experimenting with each of them before they were added to the cookbook.

Stephanie's Story of Independence

Stephanie’s independence has grown leaps and bounds in the past three years through the art program.  Initially, she didn’t think that she could do any portion of the program on her own and wanted hand over hand assistance.  We created some multi-step painting techniques so that she could do it more independently, offering her more confidence in her abilities.  When she first was able to see her artwork on display in public, it was a moment of accomplishment for her and our staff.