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Employee of the Month

TECH Employee Spotlight – Meet Jason Davenport

October 17, 2023

Meet Jason Davenport! Jason is part of our Maintenance Department here at TECH and has been with us for 11 months!


Congratulations to Jason, our dual October Employee of the Month!

Get to Know Jason


What do you love about working here?

I work with a lot of great people, but the Clients are the highlight of the job.


What brought you to TECH?

TECH was a good opportunity to be home with my family instead of working out of town all week.


What pillar means the most to you and why?

My favorite pillar is Self-Worth. I love to see how much pride they put into whatever job or project they are working on, and the ego boost they get from showing other people their work.


What is most rewarding about the specific position and job you have?

The appreciation shown by the clients anytime we fix something for them is very gratifying.


Do you have a special memory about working at TECH?

I have met a ton of great people and have fond memories with all of them.


Do you have a favorite quote or motto that you live by?

Anything is possible!


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

My daughter likes cars and my son likes to play baseball. I like them both so Angie and I’s hobby is just following them around.