HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2019 has brought some changes and I want to explain them to you all.  Some changes affect everyone, some don’t; your Relias transcript has the classes that you are required to take.  The recert only calendar is attached to this email. Please keep the email or print the calendar so you can know when to schedule your classes. For those who are currently freaking out that they have classes due, please remember I have to change the dates to go along with your normal dates.  Don’t take the class unless you are due for a January class.  Check with Brenda H or myself to make sure you are on the page.  Be like the non-freak out people and chill, there is no need to do extra work early. 

With the potential sell of the Ave A building, we have decided to utilize the ALS conference room in starting in FEBRUARY for KRTAP, MANDT and Active Shooter.  When you are due for these classes, please park on the street and come down the alley and you will see the signage for class. Just like in our other buildings, there are no vending machines. (All other recert classes are at Ave B)

ALICE Training will begin in February, you will see it in your Relias and it is like MANDT, KRTAP and Medication Recert in that it doesn’t have a class attached.  It will be you signing on to Alice’s Portal and taking a video class and then scheduling yourself for our physical class (just like ergonomics).  TECH’s portion of the class will take about 1.5 hours.  We tried to keep it the same day each month, but we have needs for the room so pay attention to the calendar. Please print the certificate when you complete the class and bring it to the TECH class. Please wait until February before you get started, as I will be sending out detailed instructions on how to access the class.  I also want to be fair to your teams and spread a team across the year so I don’t have everyone due in one month or two as that’s a killer for work schedules.  I will get with supervisors as soon as I get all the dates entered to check with them on making sure the team is covered.

In the past, we have taken classes that have gone under Work Place Violence.  Because we are going with ALICE but want to keep the momentum of healthy work place relationships going, so changed the header of the class to “Healthy Work Environment”.  This year’s class is listed as Team Building: Introduction.

Medication Recert will be a paper test created by Health Services.  It is an open book test that is completed by staff and then once it is passed, a peer review will need to take place.  We want to emphasize that if you are a certified Peer Reviewer, you have to go to another site to have your peer review done.  This is not done as an inconvenience, it’s just honing your skill set.

MANDT and MANDT Recert have been moved on a few months to accommodate schedules.  Check with Brenda H or myself if you need to see if your second year recert date is a payday Thursday and Friday.

Ergonomics classes for this year is a repeat of one that we have taken in the past, and a new one, so you will print certificates for “Back Injury Prevention” & Employee Wellness: Work/Life Balance.  Again, please print the certificates when completed and send them in or bring them into class.

If you have questions, need a class changed, etc. please TALK to me, that is my job.  I really appreciate the hard work that you do, and I hope the classes will be enjoyable to either grow or continue the development of your skills.  Thanks.



Click here for the 2019 Training and Recertification Calendar