Our Team

Dedicated Professionals Who Care

TECH is about people -- both those we serve and the team itself. We are passionate about your personal well-being, and do everything possible to help them succeed. By combining our unique backgrounds and experience, the TECH team promotes the independence, creativity, and self worth of every client.

  • Brenda Maxey
    Brenda Maxey President
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? Self WorthEvery person has the ability and talent necessary to become a contributing member of our community. When more people have a feeling of self worth and accomplishment, then it creates a strong community.
    fun facts
    • Enjoys the theater and live entertainment
    • Loves biking, hiking, and working out
    • Wine tasting enthusiast
    • Began her career as a direct support professional in 1985
    My favorite thing about TECH is the opportunity to help people grow, create, connect and become more independent -- both the people we serve and our staff!
  • Kevin Hess
    Kevin Hess Vice President of Business and Finance
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? ConnectionWillingness to share, to contribute, to help each other is an important facet of lasting relationships. Perhaps the most important thing you ever do in life is build and maintain long-term, happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships with other people.
    fun facts
    • Enjoys fishing and hunting
    • Loves spending time with family
    • Bleeds Purple – Go Wildcats!
    I like working at TECH because of the mission, diversification, the challenges of my position and the people. It is a place people share a culture of kindness, diversity and integrity.
  • TECH-inc-hutchinson-ks-team-aurie-wornkey Aurie Wornkey
    Aurie Wornkey Vice President of Support and Services
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? ConnectionWe all have connections that give us independence, creativity, and self worth. It is this connection that brings us together and strengthens our relationships.
    fun facts
    • Plays computer mystery games with Don
    • Loves animals, pets, and volunteering
    • Listens to Christian, Christmas, and ‘80s music
    • Zip-lined at the fair
    • Rode in a hot air balloon in the mountains of New Mexico
    I love my relationships with all our TECH clients!
  • Aly Spradling
    Aly Spradling Director of Human Resources
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? ConnectionRelationships provide an individual a support system: someone to celebrate with, someone to provide a hand when you’ve had a tough day, and someone to simply be yourself around.
    fun facts
    • Love to spend time and make memories with my family
    • Enjoy celebrating new PRs during CrossFit WODs
    • Have lots of purple in my office – Go Wildcats!
    • My most favorite place is where I grew up in NE Kansas – especially during harvest
    I love the team approach at TECH. By utilizing a variety of employee talents, ideas, and experiences, our clients truly receive the best of the best.
  • Lacey Mills
    Lacey Mills Director of Marketing and Foundation Development
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? ConnectionThe people are what make TECH so special! The connection that we are fortunate enough to have with the people we serve, our team members, and the community is what makes walking through the doors each day so enjoyable.
    fun facts
    • Some of my best memories are made with my husband and son
    • I enjoy lots of laughs with my girlfriends and family!
    • We have 8 goats at our house – I’m the self-proclaimed “crazy goat lady”
    • I love to travel to new as well as familiar places
    • I feel the most fulfilled when I’m being creative!
    TECH feels like home! The people we serve can make a rainy day shine bright. I feel fortunate to be a part of this team and our mission here at TECH!
  • Angela Penner
    Angela Penner Director of Residential Services
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? ConnectionBuilding relationships with others and connecting to the community is crucial to leading a fulfilled life.
    fun facts
    • Loves watching her children participate in sports and other activities
    • Enjoys reading
    • Jigsaw and word puzzle expert
    I enjoy working with so many unique people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. I learn something new every day!
  • TECH-inc-hutchinson-ks-team-patty-clark Patty Clark
    Patty Clark Staff Trainer
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? CreativityI want our lives to be more than paying bills. I want to see color where color should be, and hear silence when silence is necessary. I want those we serve and work with to challenge themselves to be a source of joy, support and inspiration to themselves and others. That takes creativity. It’s challenging, frustrating and pushes us to the limit, but it’s also worth it.
    fun facts
    • Enjoys cooking
    • Fan of bar-room blues and rockabilly music
    • Likes Pinterest
    • LOVES a Tulsa restaurant called Kilkenny’s
    • Enjoys fall weather and beautiful red maple leaves
    • Sings as a soprano
    I love the feeling when a client or staff member hits their stride, overcomes a barrier, or has an ‘ah-ha!’ moment.
  • TECH-inc-hutchinson-ks-team-chara-kemerling Chara Kemerling
    Chara Kemerling Manager: Service Coordination/Health Holmes
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? CreativityI think creativity is what drives people and I enjoy thinking outside the box. I also enjoy watching the people we serve develop their own artistic abilities
    fun facts
    • Enjoys cooking
    • Loves to travel to new places
    • History/archaeology buff
  • Kathy Meyer
    Kathy Meyer Manager of Administrative Services
    Year started at tech inc:


    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? Self WorthI love to watch the amazing transformation when individuals begin to realize their self-worth.
    fun facts
    • I love to read!
    • I love to spend time with my family and four grand kids
    • I participate on worship team at church
    • K-LOVE is my favorite radio station
    "I am honored to serve at TECH! Being able to learn and grow each day because of the amazing TECH team and clients is truly a blessing."
  • Nathan Porter
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? ConnectionBoth connection and self-worth as I believe these go hand in hand. Making a connection with the clients helps provide them with self-worth. I attempt to make connections with all of the clients that we serve and to learn as much as possible about them to build relationships. I enjoy spending time with the clients and getting to know them.
    fun facts

    First, spending time with my family. My wife, Cassie is absolutely wonderful, and I don’t know what I would do without her. Between the two of us we have 3 children (1 boy and 2 girls). Our house is like a small zoo. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 crested geckos, and 2 guinea pigs. The past two years we have been a host family for foreign exchange students. Second, anyone that has seen my office, or my house knows that I am a big nerd. Collecting comic books and watching movies are some of my favorite pastimes.

    The opportunity to work at TECH has been life changing to say the least. The clients we serve are amazing! I never knew that I could enjoy a job so much until I started here. I have built a great relationship with the clients and look forward to seeing them every day. I wouldn't be where I am without my awesome staff and then mentoring of Kevin Hess and Billie Redd. They are a great group of people that have welcomed me with open arms. I am blessed to have them all.
  • TECH-inc-hutchinson-ks-team-dorinda-simmon Dorinda Simmons
    Dorinda Simmons Director of ALS/Special Projects
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    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? CreativityIt’s a way to encourage self-expressionism for our clients and it helps all of us to look at things from a different perspective (something that I find very refreshing)
    fun facts
    • Enjoys nature and animals
    • Loves Christian music
    • Has donated her hair on two or three occasions to help make wigs for people who’ve lost their hair due to cancer treatment.
    I enjoy working for TECH…it’s a good place to be. I appreciate the values instilled in our services designed to help each person served to be as independent as possible and to enjoy life in every aspect possible
  • Jim Suppes
    Jim Suppes Maintenance Manager
    Year started at tech inc:


    Which one of TECH’s Four Pillars means the most to you and why? Self WorthThere is nothing more rewarding than witnessing those we serve succeed in the jobs they do at the workshop. Being around them has helped me with my own self-worth, by knowing I have chosen the right career.
    fun facts
    • He has been a shy person most of his life. But when he started teaching classes at TECH, SHY NO MORE!
    • For over 30 years, he has been married to his high school sweetheart.
    • As a young child, he would take apart toys, just to see how they work.
    • When he gets off work, you can find him in his shop at home, building and fixing things.
    I really enjoy being around the people we serve, being a part of their happiness, and watching them grow.