Engaging in meaningful work and activities.

Many of our clients have found self-worth through different opportunities available to them at TECH.  We've seen clients grow through the Art Program as well as being involved in the Work Center.  We want to offer as many opportunities as possible for each person, in an effort to always help them be fulfilled.

David's Story of Self-Worth

David has come a long way since joining TECH.  David participates in our Work Center program and takes great pride in loading full size tractor trailer trucks.  When David started, he was unsure of his abilities to load a full sized truck, which is 24 pallets, but after working with staff to come up with a few accommodations, he confidently loads several full sized trucks each week!  He loves driving the fork lift and taking ownership of that piece of the job.

Paul's Story of Self-Worth

Paul was able to work only one job when he started at TECH, lacking the confidence to try something new.  With the help of staff, we’ve been able to encourage and coach him through trying new things.  Now, he is capable of using a pallet jack to move groceries, run the baler in the plastic area, stack boxes on pallets and various other jobs.  Paul has really come out of his shell and has gone from being quiet and nervous to outgoing and confident.  Paul sits on a committee that is made up of community members and TECH staff, has made several friends at home and work, and also recently acted in a production of Wizard of Oz with fellow TECH actors.  He just simply enjoys life!