Service Coordination

The I/DD system is a complicated one and can be difficult to maneuver on your own. Families served by TECH find comfort in having an experienced team of staff behind them through the process. TECH has been in Hutchinson and Reno County since 1973 and has grown to meet the needs of our community over the years.

Service Coordinators will assist you and your family to determine your needs, create a personalized plan of service and connect you to available support services. TECH's Service Coordinators help provide an array of services to help individuals and their families cope and navigate complicated service systems in the most effective way.

The Service Coordinator, through Person Centered Services (PCS), helps you identify your personal goals, needs, and resources. After your initial meeting, the Service Coordinator will help you formulate a plan that will set you up for success in achieving your goals. SC's continue to be an ongoing advocate on your behalf as different needs arise, connecting you to resources in the community. They communicate with you often and are continually evaluating whether or not the Person Centered Support Plan is effectively meeting your set goals and help to determine if a change of course is needed.

Service Coordinators are navigators in an otherwise complicated world of services.