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Residential Services

Group Homes & Independent Living Services

Providing Support at Home

TECH residential services are provided in a variety of settings, including continuously supported homes in Hutchinson, Kansas, and individual residences throughout Reno County. The goal of residential services, which include transportation, is to provide a person-centered approach and offer adults with disabilities the freedom to choose the level of support needed in their homes.

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How We Can Help

Whether at a continuously supported home or an individual residence, available TECH services include activities of daily living, assistance with shopping, cooking, cleaning, money management, transportation and other services needed to live a successful and enriched life.

We encourage our clients to be active and involved in the community, and we pride ourselves on accommodating needs to make that happen! Residents frequently go fishing, bowling at The Alley, dine out at local restaurants, attend movies at the local theater, take in the newest theatrical productions at The Fox Theatre and shop around town.

Where We Provide Support

TECH Group Homes

TECH offers consistent and continuous staff support in 12 duplexes throughout Hutchinson. Each home offers individual bedrooms with group living spaces. Residents share a living room, kitchen and bathrooms. Each TECH home can serve anywhere from three to seven individuals.

TECH Apartments

TECH owns and operates two apartment complexes in Hutchinson to serve the housing needs of individuals with disabilities and the elderly. TECH apartments are a great option for someone looking to have the independence of living on their own, but the comfort of support as needed. To find out about The Link apartment complex, call (620) 860-7110.

Independent Living

TECH can provide support to individuals who choose to live in their own home or apartment in Reno County.

Helpful Resources


Reno County CDDO

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Reno County Housing Authority

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Interfaith Housing & Community Services, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my family member into residential services?

TECH will provide all the necessary information and steps to move a family member into residential services through the support and guidance of the person’s Service Coordinator. The Service Coordinator walks alongside a person served and their family, so the transitions into services can be seamless.

What services are funded by Medicaid?

There are many services covered by Medicaid. The Medicaid services that fund services provided by organizations like TECH are called Home and Community Based Services – Intellectual/Developmental Disability Waiver.

If something were to happen to me, what would happen with my child?

TECH has been serving people with disabilities since 1973. If a parent or family member is no longer a part of the person’s life, TECH will step in, and with other community resources that might be needed, ensure all needs continue to be met.

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Contact Us About TECH Residential Services

If you would like more information about the TECH residential services, please contact us at (620) 663-1596 or complete the secure online form.

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