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TECH Work Center

Jobs for People With disabilities

Creating Fulfilling Opportunities

The TECH Work Center in Hutchinson, Kansas, provides training and jobs for people with disabilities. The jobs are made possible through partnerships with local and regional companies that have a need for various job tasks to be completed. Current outsourcing projects include document destruction, product reclamation, packaging and item assembly.

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What We Offer

To Workers

Adults with disabilities have the opportunity to work at the TECH Training Center at 3000 East Avenue B in Hutchinson. Technology and environmental accommodations can be made to meet individual needs. We will not only instill the skills needed to do the job but also coach on soft skills, such as time management, decision making and teamwork. We want to be a partner in success and help the people we serve to make a difference in our community!

To Companies

TECH connects companies with a previously untapped workforce for many types of employment opportunities. We work with local and regional companies to become a partner in various job tasks that are less complex and may free up their human resources for other detailed projects.

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Featured Company Partnerships

Kroger and Dillons

TECH works with Kroger and Dillons on a large recycling initiative and processes more than 68,000 pounds of plastic bags every month! As one of 14 reclamation centers for Kroger, we unload, sort, scan, rebox and ship out damaged goods for Kroger-owned stores in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa.

Shield Ag

Our relationship with Shield Ag began in 1985. The clients provide support in manufacturing small pipe fittings for anhydrous tanks. They assist in cutting, drilling, bending and deburring metal pipe to meet specific customization with staff supervision. This teaches the clients attention to detail and a strong work ethic along with how to use tools and equipment. Larry and Brenda are very appreciative of the work the clients do for them and for making their production go a bit faster with our assistance in processing the parts that they need.

Contact Us About the TECH Training Center

If you would like more information about the TECH Training Center, please contact us at (620) 663-1596 or complete the secure online form.

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