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TECHnology Lab

Computer Training

Developing Computer Skills

The TECHnology Lab helps adults with disabilities practice computer skills needed for jobs and independent living. Whether you need help maintaining your skills or it will be a first-time learning experience, we will adapt our computer training services to whatever your interests and needs.

Contact Us About The Technology Lab

What to Expect

Participants in the TECHnology Lab at 3000 East Avenue B in Hutchinson have the opportunity to:

  • Play educational games where learning computer skills is fun and interactive.
  • Engage in social activities, such as checking email and utilizing social media.
  • Engage in leisure activities, such as playing games.

Contact Us About the TECHnology Lab

If you would like more information about the TECHnology Lab, please contact us at (620) 663-1596 or complete the secure online form.

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