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Sparking Artistic Talent

The TECH Art Gallery is located at 10 East 1st Avenue in the heart of Downtown Hutchinson. The Art Gallery features original artwork created by our TECH Artists as well a large selection of prints, cards and other gifts. The TECH Art Program is a invaluable part of our service offerings here at TECH and allows an opportunity for the people we serve to explore their creative talents. The TECH Artists earn the proceeds from the sale of every piece of art sold at the TECH Art Gallery and they take pride in each piece that is sold through the TECH Art Gallery.

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TECH Art Gallery Location

The TECH Art Gallery is located in the Wiley Building at 10 East 1st Avenue in Downtown Hutchinson.

Hours | Monday – Friday from 8AM – 5PM and online 24/7.


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Meet the Artists

  • Balman (2)
    Stan Balman

    Stan has participated in the TECH Art Program since 2016. His favorite subjects to paint include boats and vehicles. Stan loves sharing his artwork with family and friends.

    Fun fact | Stan has an incredible singing voice!

    Stan's Artwork
  • Bell (4)
    Aleen Bell

    Aleen has painted in the TECH Art Program since 2016. Her favorite place to sell artwork is in Medicine Lodge, her hometown. She loves creating art and playing Bingo.

    Fun Fact | Her favorite past-time is watching soap operas.

    Aleen's Artwork
  • Blick
    Dennis Blick

    Dennis has participated in the TECH Art Program since 2017. He loves painting a variety of animals. He enjoys utilizing his creative abilities to paint.

    Fun Fact | He LOVES sharing his finished work with family and friends!

    Dennis' Artwork
  • Bradfield
    Christina Bradfield

    Christina loves to paint! She particularly enjoys painting cats, along with seascapes and landscapes. Christina joined the TECH Art Program in 2019.

    Fun Fact | Christina is an avid reader and loves crossword puzzles.

    Christina's Artwork
  • Bringle (2)
    Kelli Bringle

    Kelli started in the TECH Art Program in 2016. She is best known for her "Holly" (a bright colored cat) painting. Kelli is a social butterfly and doesn't ever meet a stranger.

    Fun Fact | Kelli used to only paint with the color purple!

    Kelli's Artwork
  • Brinkley – Newsletter
    Alexander Brinkley

    Alexander has been attending the TECH art studio since 2017, however, just recently started selling his artwork. His paintings often include his interests and hobbies.

    Fun Fact | Alexander enjoys creating Perler Bead designs.

    Alexander's Artwork
  • Budreau, Madison 2
    Madison Budreau

    Madison joined the TECH Art Program in 2017. She has painted 2 original TECH Gala pieces! Madison keeps everyone on their toes as she is quite the prankster.

    Fun Fact | Madison graduated from HCC in 2018.

    Madison's Artwork
  • Carey (3)
    Pam Carey

    Pam started the TECH Art Program in 2017. She began by painting silk scarves at the ALS and has done a handful of paintings in the Studio.

    Fun Fact | Pam has been in the TECH family for nearly 25 years!

    Pam's Artwork
  • Day
    Michelle Day

    Michelle started with the TECH Art Program in 2016. Her artistic skills have grown immensely over the years! The biggest lesson she's learned is patience.

    Fun Fact | Michelle loves pitching in and lending a hand.

    Michelle's Artwork
  • DeVault
    Lisa DeVault

    Lisa's been in the TECH Art Program since 2016. She is very particular about the colors she uses in her pieces and takes complete creative license on her art.

    Fun Fact | Lisa is quite the sales person of her art!

    Lisa's Artwork
  • Drews, Stephanie New Original
    Stephanie Drews

    Stephanie's been painting since 2016. She was quite timid when she started and now is confident in all aspects of her art. Now she loves painting!

    Fun Fact | Stephanie has a visual impairment but it doesn't stop her!

    Stephanie's Artwork
  • Dunbar
    Carissa Dunbar

    Carissa has been attending the Art Program since 2018. She loves using color in her paintings and often loves painting with country music on in the background.

    Fun Fact | Carissa's favorite animal is her dog "Pepper."

    Carissa's Artwork
  • Healey
    John Healey

    John has been painting in the TECH Art Program since 2016. He has shown true artistic talent from day one and can see color incredibly well!

    Fun Fact | John enjoys playing basketball, and watching football and hockey.

    John's Artwork
  • Trish
    Patricia Henson

    Trish can light up a room with her smile! She has been painting with us since 2019. When she's not painting, she loves to be outside or listening to music.

    Fun Fact | Trish SO proud of purple metallic wheelchair!

    Patricia's Artwork
  • Hermes
    Dee Hermes

    Dee has been a TECH Artist since 2016. She absolutely loves taking on new projects and is always enthusiastic! Her positive attitude is incredibly contagious.

    Fun Fact | Dee's favorite phrase is "I'm trying."

    Dee's Artwork
  • Hoke, Carrie
    Carrie Hoke

    Carrie not only loves painting but she loves to watch other artists paint in the studio. She has been painting since 2017 and has grown tremendously since starting.

    Fun Fact | Carrie enjoys putting together puzzles.

    Carrie's Artwork
  • Hollingsworth, Doug 2
    Doug Hollingsworth

    Doug has been painting with the TECH Art Program since 2017. His joy is contagious, and he has such a kind heart. Doug has true artistic talent, and he is always eager to learn and grow.

    Fun Fact | Doug loves to dance and sing as he paints.

    Doug's Artwork
  • Holmes, Joe
    Joey Holmes

    Joey started in the TECH Art Program in 2019. He loves learning new techniques so he can help other artists grow. While painting, Joey likes to sing along to music. He loves to bowl and eat with friends.

    Fun Fact | Joey competes in Special Olympics of Kansas.

    Joey's Artwork
  • Hopkins, Natalie NEW 2
    Natalie Hopkins

    Natalie has an infectious amount of energy she brings to all of her projects. She has been painting with us since 2017. She usually is painting to music or singing along to her favorite musicals.

    Fun Fact | Natalie's favorite band is N Sync.

    Natalie's Artwork
  • Jarrett
    Laurie Jarrett

    Laurie is always looking for ideas for her painting projects and is very involved in coming up with ideas for her projects. She has been painting since 2016 and is incredibly talented.

    Fun Fact | Laurie did a piece that was over 6' tall!

    Laurie's Artwork
  • Martinez
    Robin Martinez

    Robin brings a softness to everything she does. She enjoys painting a variety of animals and has participated in the TECH Art Program since 2016.

    Fun Fact | Robin has twin grandchildren.

    Robin's Artwork
  • McLain, Casey
    Casey McLain

    Casey has been in the TECH Art Program since 2017. He is always eager to start a new painting, and usually has a number of pieces he is working on.

    Fun Fact | Casey loves the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Casey's Artwork
  • Marcus Mizell
    Marcus Mizell

    Marcus loves to paint and enjoys being with his fellow artists as they create together. He has been painting with us since 2017.

    Fun Fact | Marcus enjoys going to the library and out to eat with his housemates.

    Marcus' Artwork
  • Ricker, Doug
    Doug Ricker

    Doug has been painting with us since 2018. He enjoys creating Holiday themed paintings and learning new painting techniques.

    Fun Fact | Doug enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

    Doug's Artwork
  • Schowalter
    Forrest Schowalter

    Forrest has been a part of the TECH Art Program since 2018. He has a lively personality and often likes to joke and lightheartedly tease with those around him.

    Fun Fact | Forrest has worked at Wal-Mart for over 35 years!

    Forrest's Artwork
  • Schul
    Brock Schul

    Brock enjoys painting outdoor scenes and landscapes. He is very particular about his color choices. Brock has been attending the art studio since 2017.

    Fun Fact | Brock enjoys playing bingo.

    Brock's Artwork
  • Tolbert 22 – Edit2
    Jerimiah Tolbert

    Jerimiah has a joyful energy, which he pours into all of his art projects. He has been painting with us since 2018.

    Fun Fact | Jerimiah's "The Rainbow Lion" is featured on one of the buildings in Downtown Hutchinson.

    Jerimiah's Artwork
  • Vieyra, Inez
    Inez Vieyra

    Inez is a hard worker who is always looking for her next project. She enjoys painting animals, particularly horses. Inez has been a part of the TECH Art Program since 2017.

    Fun Fact | Inez enjoys attending church.

    Inez's Artwork
  • Walton
    Jennifer Walton

    We unexpectedly lost Jennifer in July of 2021. She was a talented artist, a friend to everyone she met, and a Jesus-loving, independent woman. Jennifer always found the positive in every day and made you feel special when you chatted with her.

    Jennifer's Artwork
  • Whitley, Phil Copy
    Phil Whitley

    Phil has been a part of the TECH Art Program since 2016. He has a kind and comforting heart, and it is a continued joy to watch him grow through his work.

    Fun Fact | Phil is always quick with a joke and a huge hug.

    Phil's Artwork
  • Zahn 1
    Michelle Zahn

    Michelle has been in the TECH Art Program since 2016. While in the studio, you can often find Michelle singing as she works, or lending a helping hand.

    Fun Fact | Michelle enjoys a variety of arts and crafts projects.

    Michelle's Artwork