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TECH Achieves Recycling Milestone

January 14, 2020

2019 marked the third year in a row of TECH recycling over one million pounds of plastic!  That equates to almost 89,000 pounds a month that is being processed by TECH.  Through a contract with Kroger, TECH collects and compacts all plastics from Kansas stores statewide.  These plastics are coming from grocery bag collection bins, shrink wrap utilized in transporting goods to stores, and other various plastics.  By partnering with TECH, Kroger is affording us the opportunity to continue to give those we serve the power of independence and self-worth.  Don Wornkey, Production Manager at TECH says, “We have a lot of folks that can be successful and at the end of the day say, wow I did great.”  TECH is thankful for our partnership with Kroger and their dedication to recycling and our organization.