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Letter from the CEO

2020 TECH Annual Report | Letter from the CEO

June 8, 2021

Dear Friends,

2020 was a year that tried everyone. Families had to learn how to adapt to a new work and school life, businesses had to figure out how to stay open amidst some of the most challenging times and communities had to find a way to come together despite differing views. While we never anticipated the year looking like it did, our people – TECH staff and the people we serve – not only survived but thrived during some of the most difficult times of our organization’s long-standing history.

From the beginning of the pandemic, our focus here at TECH was simple; to keep the people we serve and our valued employees safe in order to continue providing the highest level of service to those we are committed to serving. While our services looked different than what we were used to, the passion to fulfill our mission remained the same.

In early 2020, COVID-19 seemed like just a topic of conversation, but we quickly realized that this was very real and would dominate much of our time for the foreseeable future. We knew that we needed to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. On March 23rd, 2020, our executive team, with guidance from the Reno County Health Department, made the decision to shut down day services and have our residents’ shelter in place at their homes. This was no easy task and took hundreds of hours of planning, coordination, and execution by our team. I could recount numerous stories of our Direct Support Professionals who stepped up and were willing to work in high stress and sometimes, high risk environments, without hesitation. I am still in awe of the dedication and commitment we saw from our staff.

“Our TECH staff are truly the unsung heroes, and I am forever grateful for their dedication to TECH’s mission.”

As I reflect on 2020, I think I am most proud of the TECH Team. Our staff showed resilience, carried heavy responsibility, provided resolve for those we serve and found ways to support each other during unprecedented times. While I hope that we never have to experience a pandemic like COVID-19 again, I can say with certainty that I feel confident in our team’s ability to come together and provide unwavering support and services for those we serve, as well as a safe place to be. Our TECH staff are truly the unsung heroes, and I am forever grateful for their dedication to TECH’s mission.

Inside this annual report, you will find a timeline of our responsiveness to the COVID-19 pandemic, which highlights our teams’ swift actions to put our COVID policies and procedures in place to keep those we serve and employ safe and healthy. We have also included stories from TECH Direct Support Professionals that will give you a glimpse into their lives over the last year. As you read their stories, I hope you appreciate their passion and dedication as much as I do.


Brenda Maxey

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