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50th Anniversary

TECH History | The Veranda House

January 12, 2023

In the mid-90’s TECH was gifted a residential home in the Whiteside District of Hutchinson and became what is known today, as the Veranda House.

In the mid-90’s, TECH had one of our very first group homes located at the corner of Avenue A and Plum in Hutchinson. Through a connection of Maurice Cummings, the President/CEO of TECH at the time, a gift of a residential home in the same neighborhood was gifted to our organization.

The home was an incredible gift to TECH but also needed substantial work to the structure of the building and ultimately, a group made the decision to keep the land and re-build the home as a way to generate funds for TECH. This project is known as The Veranda House.

Maurice and TECH staff gathered a builder, local contractors, and companies that donated their time and materials to the project. TECH had the intention of showing the people we served and the community that supported us that we were here to make an investment in our neighborhood by building this new home. We were better because of our community and felt this was a way to give back and at the same time raise awareness and dollars for the agency to continue providing services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

At the end of the project, the Veranda house was auctioned off and the funds were used to continue providing services to individuals with disabilities.