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TECH Hosts Annual TECH BBQ

October 7, 2023

Each year, TECH organizes an annual BBQ that brings clients, their families, and staff together. Such gatherings play a significant role in building a sense of community and fostering a supportive environment.

These events provide an opportunity for clients and their families to connect with one another and with the dedicated staff who provide services and support. It allows for social interaction, sharing experiences, and building relationships that go beyond the typical client-caregiver dynamic.

Furthermore, annual gatherings like the TECH BBQ can serve as a platform for celebrating achievements, milestones, and the progress made by the clients. It can also be a time for relaxation and fun, contributing to the overall well-being of everyone involved.

In addition, these events can help raise awareness about the organization’s work and the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, encouraging greater community involvement and support. Overall, it’s a heartwarming initiative that brings people together, strengthens bonds, and promotes a more inclusive and compassionate community.

Thank you to our board members and staff that helped cook and serve our guests that day!