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Board of Directors

Gratitude and Farewell: TECH Expresses Deep Appreciation for Departing Board Members

December 22, 2023

As TECH reflects on another year of unwavering commitment to its mission of serving adults and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, it is with gratitude that the organization bids farewell to an esteemed individual from the Foundation Boards of Directors, Dale Snell. This departing board member, whose dedication and tireless efforts have been instrumental in steering TECH toward success, are now the focus of heartfelt appreciation as they conclude their tenure.

In addition to bidding farewell to Dale, we also were able to show our appreciation to Cindy Miller who has served diligently the last year as the Chairperson for the TECH Operations Board of Directors.

Their visionary leadership, strategic guidance, and passionate advocacy have significantly contributed to the growth and impact of the organization, elevating its ability to create positive change in the lives of those it serves.

“Dale brought a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table, enriching the collaborative environment that defines TECH,” says Kevin Hess, President/CEO of TECH. “Both Dale and Cindy have played a crucial role in advancing the nonprofit’s mission and ensuring that individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities receive the support they deserve.”

As the organization bids farewell to Dale as a board member and Cindy as Chairperson, the impact of their contributions is celebrated through shared stories, shared successes, and a profound sense of appreciation. TECH recognizes that their dedication has been a driving force behind the transformative initiatives that have positively impacted the lives of countless individuals and families.