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A Merry Grinch-mas: TECH Team Leader Spreads Cheer Across TECH Community

December 24, 2023

In a spirited celebration that blended holiday whimsy with heartfelt goodwill, TECH recently embraced the magic of the season in a unique and memorable way. A dedicated staff member, Team Leader Lance Rutan, donned in the iconic green attire of the Grinch, embarked on a joyous journey, visiting various locations to bring smiles and festive cheer to the adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities under the organization’s compassionate care.

This extraordinary gesture, conceived with creativity and executed with boundless enthusiasm, saw the Grinch-themed staff member becoming a beacon of joy as they traversed different spaces within the TECH community. From the ride on the bus to the ALS in the morning to day service spots and even surprise visits to individual homes, the Grinch spread happiness with every mischievous grin and spirited gesture.

The contagious laughter and genuine delight that accompanied the Grinch’s visits showcased the our team’s commitment to fostering a sense of joy and inclusivity for the individuals it serves. Beyond the whimsical costume and green mask, Lance embodied the true spirit of the season, proving that even a fictional character known for his grumpiness could become a catalyst for shared moments of happiness and connection.

The Grinch’s journey, meticulously planned and executed by Lance and one of his staff, served as a testament to the organization’s dedication to going above and beyond in creating meaningful experiences for its community. The initiative not only brought festive merriment to the forefront but also reinforced the idea that the holiday season is an opportunity to celebrate the unique personalities and talents of each individual.