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TECH Annual Report

Living A Life of Purpose

June 9, 2022

If you want to learn anything about the Kansas City Chiefs, talk to Patrick Disberger, who is an avid fan. Patrick lives at one of TECH’s retirement homes and enjoys spending time outside, driving his scooter around his neighborhood, shopping, and he feels time spent with friends and family is precious.

TECH Retirement Living

Patrick is one of 26 people that we serve that live in a TECH retirement home. TECH’s Retirement program started in the early 2000’s when TECH realized a need to better serve individuals who were looking to slow down a bit and weren’t necessarily looking to participate in all of the Day Service programs that TECH has to offer. “The people we serve were desiring a more laid back schedule, the option to choose from a variety of recreational type activities, or just to stay home and relax. As more and more of the people we serve age, the retirement option has become more important as we want to ensure every person served by TECH has the opportunity to live a full life,” says Brenda Maxey, President/CEO at TECH.

Clients who are a part of a TECH Retirement home have the option to stay home during the day and enjoy time at home or they can choose to attend the Adult Life Skills program or Work Center if they are looking to catch up with friends and TECH staff. Our goal was to provide an environment with the flexibility to participate in as much or as little as they wanted to based on how their day or week is going.

The smiles, laughter and ‘hellos’ that I get coming through the door each day make my job so rewarding.

While Patrick is considered “retired,” nothing slows him down. He is a go-getter and whatever obstacle that life throws at him he does not give up, he is a fighter. His smile is infectious, and his sense of humor is endless.

Just Like Family

Stephanie Oden has been a Team Leader for one of TECH’s Retirement homes for nearly a year, supervising DSP staff and daily operations for the house. Stephanie has a special place in her heart for working at a retirement house as she treats everyone just like family. “When I look at our clients, I see parents and grandparents and treat each of them just like my flesh and blood,” says Oden.

When you watch Stephanie interact with the people in her house, you can feel the love she has for her work and each person served. While some days require more patience than others (something she has learned during her time at TECH), Oden says “the smiles, laughter and ‘hellos’ that I get coming through the door each day make my job so rewarding.”

Stephanie says having a good attitude at a retirement house is especially key because she knows that for many of her clients, the staff and their housemates are the biggest source of social interaction each day. She wants to ensure that each person feels loved, cared for and a part of the family and knows that starts with her.