The TECH Art Program now has six different off site locations at which TECH Art is displayed! Art has been on display at the Courthouse, Main Street Event, City of Hutch, and the Courthouse Annex. Within the last two months, two new shops have reached out in hopes of having TECH Art on display.

Riddle’s Jewelry, in the Hutchinson Mall, reached out in hopes of having artwork on display for their Diamond and Design show July 24th-28th. We had originally planned on leaving art on display for a couple of days, however, they loved the color that the artwork brought to their store!

The new Daylight Donuts on 30th Street, reached out before they were officially open for business. Daylight Donuts on 30th, is owned by Jason Younger. Jason is a supporter of TECH and has been emceeing the Client Recognition Night for the last 21 years! They wanted to dedicate a wall specifically to show TECH Art.

We are set to add art to both stores towards the end of August and will switch out the artwork every couple of months.