What an amazing response from you all.  We had a total of 43 participants and the list was totally full of “warm and fuzzies”!

Here are the drawing winners:

$25 to Pizza Ranch: Stephanie Barban

$10 to Blue Bird Books (store side): Desiree Antle

$5 Dillon’s: Joy Richardson

The cards will be at Wiley.  Please ask the front desk receptionist for them.


Our “LOVE” List

I LOVE seeing the clients overcome challenges.  You can see a difference from year to year.

I LOVE working at TECH because my house leader’s compassion.

I LOVE our nice nifty new TECH shirts. They are so comfy.

I LOVE how I feel when I do the “little things” for our clients, to take time to care about that moment with them.  The feeling that I get I’m sure is in no comparison to the feeling they have from it!

I LOVE inspiring the TECH clients to reach their goals each and every week. I love that we are so much like family here!!!! I look forward to each day with these awesome people!!!

I LOVE working with the clients, and love creating things with them.

I LOVE all the “LOVING HUGS” I get daily from the clients.  I would really miss that if I was not here.

I LOVE that people are excited to see you every day, no judgement, unconditional love, witnessing big and little growths and miracles, you can be who you are and so can they, laughter and fun!

I LOVE my co-workers and the clients.

I LOVE the staff! The supervisors are understanding, knowledgeable, and amazing to work with. My TL is one of the best supervisors I have ever had.

I LOVE the unconditional love that our clients have an endless supply of and the way they’re never afraid to show it. They have the most beautiful, loving & valiant spirits.

There are so many things I LOVE about working for TECH.  The biggest thing I’d have to say is making the clients happy. I love seeing that smile light up every client face when they get excited about something or they are proud of themselves for accomplishing something they didn’t think they could.  I love when they clients “come out of their shell” so to speak. Like when clients who usually don’t attend events get to experience the joy of “inclusion” or those clients that usually sit by themselves let their guard down for a minute and join in on the fun.  There are so many more things I absolutely love about being around not only the clients but my coworkers as well. I could go on and on about the joy I get from my job but those listed above are my absolute favorite! 🙂

I LOVE when I can learn new things on the computer, and it is successful. It makes me feel good inside.

I LOVE TECH because of the staff I have worked with so far. I also love TECH because I get to see the smiles on the clients faces when they have done something good and when they achieve a goal they have been working on.

I LOVE to see clients overcome everyday tasks they get so excited and the smiles on their faces mean so much their happiness is contagious.

I LOVE seeing our clients learn new tasks and achieve greater levels of independence.

I LOVE the clients they are what keeps me here.

I LOVE the chance to make new friends and meet new people. I really like my job here too.

I LOVE to see our clients Smile and to hear them laugh is priceless

I LOVE the versatility of the company. We do not only help clients in one aspect of their lives. From work, to crafts, at home, and incorporating them into the community, we are with them through all aspects of life. This is not just a job. For people with compassion for the work that they do in this agency, it just becomes an enhancer for our own lives.

I LOVE TECH because you all gave me a job, and I thank you all.

I LOVE the difference TECH makes in the clients lives and community lives!

I LOVE my clients

I LOVE my co-workers

I LOVE being inspired by the people I am around because of TECH!!

I LOVE that even though we may be short staffed and work extremely long (and exhausting) hours, my clients always make me feel as if I have done something well by giving me an extra smile or telling me they love me. I love that I make as much of difference in their lives as they make in mine.

I LOVE that I get to come to work every day…not just Valentines! I wouldn’t make it an hour in a factory…seriously! I love to see the smiling faces and not just clients. Staff come in smiling as well. Ever ready battery bunnies they are! Seeing how hard they work to help our clients achieve their goals, independence and help them find their smiles. So much joy here in my days…even the hard days! This is my dream to be a part of something so wonderful, hopefully making a difference in the lives everyone I get to share my days with!

I LOVE that this job combines 2 of my favorite things; fixing things and using my talents to help people.

I LOVE to shred and work hard. I also love to create works of art.

I LOVE seeing the smile on the clients faces.  Even when I am having a bad day they make it better!

I LOVE working with the clients and seeing all their accomplishments and seeing the joy in their faces when they are proud of themselves.

I LOVE how compassionate we all are. It is inspiring what a family organization this is. Supervisors looking after team leaders and staff, team leaders looking after staff and all of us looking after our clients. It is like a second family.

I LOVE that no matter how bad your day is going; a client achievement can just turn your whole attitude around.  Even something as small as they were able to spell their own name or put their shirt on the right way.  Sometimes it’s just one of them asking for a hug or telling you that you look beautiful.

I LOVE our clients.

I LOVE my job because its always changing, always evolving and I get front and center seats to watch our clients bloom into amazing flowers!

I LOVE my TECH family!

I LOVE the diversity of people…. both staff and clients…. that works to make TECH come all together.

I LOVE everything about TECH. I love working with the clients every day, I can’t wait to go to work in the morning knowing I’m gonna have a good day. I love the clothes that TECH gives out down to the training. I love the staff and I would not love any other job more than TECH!

I LOVE the opportunity that I have been given to love and inspire others every day.

I LOVE the dedication each one of our clients have for their jobs. They show up daily ready to rock and roll and LOVE getting their paychecks.

I LOVE seeing the clients strive. I love that no matter what mood I’m in… they can always make it better and make me smile when I don’t want to. I love seeing the clients achieve happiness in what they are doing.

I LOVE the clients and smiles they bring out in people, I love how we all come together to make sure the clients have what they need.

I LOVE the clients, they are inspiring and remind me of how blessed we are!