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TECH Annual Report

Setting Our People Up For Success

June 9, 2022

Paul Isenberg has been working at the TECH Work Center for several years. During his time at the Work Center, Paul has held many positions, including working in reclamation with Dillons, sorting and baling recycle, which is his favorite, and tie tapes for Hubco.

When asked what he enjoys most about working, Paul said, “I like working with Rich (his supervisor), making money and working with my friends.”

The TECH Work Center

At TECH, our goal is to help the people we serve live the life they dream about. We know this can look different for each person and therefore, we work hard to provide a wide variety of service program offerings.

For those who are looking for the responsibility of a job, the comrade of co-workers, and a way to earn some additional income, the TECH Work Center may be just the right fit!

The Work Center provides training and jobs for people with disabilities. The jobs are made possible through partnerships with local and regional companies that have a need for various job tasks to be completed. Current outsourcing projects include document destruction, product reclamation, packaging and item assembly.

“We want to set each person up for success when they choose to be a part of the TECH Work Center,” says Kevin Hess, Vice-President. He went on to say, ” We are able to make accommodations to meet individual needs. Our focus is to not only instill the skills needed to do the job but to also coach on soft skills, such as time management, decision making and teamwork.“

We want to be a partner in success and help the people we serve to make a difference in our community!

Partners in Success

TECH connects companies with a previously untapped workforce for many types of employment opportunities. Currently, TECH works with several local and regional companies to provide job opportunities for those we serve.

Kroger and Dillons
We work with Kroger and Dillons on a large recycling initiative and process more than 68,000 pounds of plastic bags every month at our Work Center! As one of 14 reclamation centers for Kroger, we unload, sort, scan, re-box and ship out damaged goods for Kroger-owned stores in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa.

Shield Ag
Our relationship with Shield Ag began in 1985. The clients provide support in manufacturing small pipe fittings for anhydrous tanks. They assist in cutting, drilling, bending and deburring metal pipe to meet specific customization with staff supervision.

Pipeline Testing Consortium
TECH has had a partnership with Pipeline Testing Consortium since 2013. The clients fold Fed Ex bags and separate Fed Ex labels that go into drug testing kits. This helps Pipeline by eliminating a few steps in their process of constructing the drug test kits.