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Custom Orders - TECH Embroidered Logo

At TECH’s Wiley location (in the Mailroom) and Ave B location (through Kimberly or front desk reception), we have catalogs full of apparel, bags, hats, jackets and other items that can be purchased by employees. Employees can visit either the Ave B location OR Wiley location to look through the booklet. At this time there is not an online portal option and books cannot be checked out. Brenda Matula and Kathy Meyer are the main points of contact for these transactions. Employees are allowed to order just about anything from the catalog if it is appropriate per the guidelines of TECH’s dress code policy. For example, TECH would approve the ordering of a t-shirt or hat; however, a bikini, spaghetti strap top or boxer briefs would not be allowed. An electronic TECHwear order form is required to purchase from the catalog and can be found on the employee portal. All items are ordered through Dee’s Duds and TECH’s logo is embroidered on it before being delivered to the Wiley location. The turnaround time for ordering depends on many factors such as supply shipping, vendor time restraints, etc. Ordered items will remain at Wiley until payment transaction is complete. There is no returning of TECH t-shirts once the transaction has been completed.
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TECH, Inc. allows Full Time employees to choose one or more of the following forms of payment for their TECHwear: 1) Employees can pay for their TECHwear with cash/check at the Wiley Building where a receipt will be provided. 2) Employee can choose to have the amount owed for their TECHwear purchases to be payroll deducted. Employees who request their items to be paid for via payroll deduction must complete an electronic payroll deduction form that can be found on the employee portal. As a reminder, the amount withheld from each paycheck must be at least $10 and cannot exceed 4 pay periods. The amounts should be as equal as possible. On-Call and Part Time staff can only participate via the cash, check and/or TECHwear Certificate methods. Payroll Deduction is not available due to the possible inconsistency of worked shifts.
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