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Coin Drive For Match Day

Coin Drive For Match Day

TECH kicked-off it’s first-ever intra-office coin drive to raise funds for the TECH Foundation on Friday, March 4th at Client Recognition Night. The drive continued throughout the month of March, and concluded with a grand announcement to all TECH staff and clients.

The drive positioned three individuals and one duo against each other for the honor of completing a specific task, getting to make the donation of all the coin drive funds on Hutchinson Community Foundation’s Match Day, and of course, bragging rights.

Jars to collect the coins were placed at TECH’s three main locations: the Administrative Offices, the Work Center, and the Adult Life Skills building. Each day the totals were counted and shared out to everyone in the organization.

If they raised the most money for the TECH Foundation, the participants each agreed to do something fun and crazy, which will be filmed and photographed so that all could enjoy watching the mayhem. The tasks and participants were:

  • Cara Conaway and Angela Woodworth, Directors of Residential Services, agreed to have a pie fight.
  • Billie Redd, Adult Life Skills Manager, agreed to do an ice bucket challenge.
  • Daniel Williams, Accounts Payable, agreed to dye his hair the 4 colors of the TECH pillars (purple, green, yellow, and red) for a day.
  • Don Wornkey, Work Center Manager, agreed to dress in a ballerina costume for a day and prance everywhere he went.

The honor of raising the most money went to Daniel Williams, who is looking forward to sporting a new hairstyle in honor of TECH. The total amount of money raised was $1,367 and will be taken by Daniel to Match Day on May 3rd. All the funds given on Match Day will be met with a percentage of the Hutchinson Community Foundation’s pool of $50,000 in matching funds.

All friends of TECH are encouraged to give on Match Day, May 3rd from 7 am – 7 pm at Eagle Media in Hutchinson. Donations can also be made online at www.ihearthutch.com.