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TECH Leadership Team Sets Goals for 2017

TECH Leadership Team Sets Goals for 2017

For the second year in a row, the TECH Leadership Team is taking a very active role in the future goals and success of our organization. Up until last year, TECH's executive team created goals for the organization and presented them to the board of directors for approval. Last year, Brenda Maxey, President/CEO of TECH, saw an opportunity. "I wanted the Leadership Team to have more ownership in the direction the organization was going. We have a lot of very talented people on this team and I wanted to assure that we were taping into all of the skills," says Maxey.

The planning process is a two month endeavor.  We start by reviewing the previous year's plans and assess what was achieved, what is a multi-year plan that still needs worked on and what new goals we'd like to set for the organization. We then brainstorm what all members of the team believe are possible areas for improvement for the organization and group like items together. These are used to create general goal statements and projected completion dates. From there, the team is broken out into four groups; Finance, Consumer Services , Human Resources and Marketing, we then begin molding the general goal statements into SMART goals. Once this is completed, the Organization Development and Work Plan is presented to the board for their approval. Each team then develops actions steps for each of their SMART goals, monitoring the progress and outcome of each goal area throughout the year.

Aly Spradling, Director of Human Resources and Angela Woodworth, Director of Residential Services discuss their goals for the human resources team.

How has the process helped achieve goals?

Members of the leadership team provide a broader look at the organization than what top management can. Maxey said, "Involving the group on goal planning has greatly increased the success rate of meeting all of the goals outlined in the Organizations Development and Work Plan. They want to be a part of leading the organization in the future, and they should be. This team is highly motivated to succeed!" The planning process is easier and more successful with the incorporation of the leadership team. "It has been great to see new leaders emerging as members of the team are offered opportunities to excel using their strengths. Each person has had the chance to lead on projects and is never just along for the ride. It's been a great change for TECH!"

What are team members saying?

Angela Woodworth, Director of Residential Services, has been with TECH for 11 years and admits there was some apprehension about the new process. "I was excited about it but there was some hesitation from the team in general because it was something new and was perceived as a lot of pressure." Now that the team has had a full year to see their ideas go from goals to achievements, they are more comfortable sharing and their reservations have subsided. "The collaboration process has allowed folks to get excited about the future and to dream bigger. When you are a part of the development of goals, you become invested in the success of the program. Our partnership with one another allows challenges to be looked at from a different angle and potential barriers to be identified and addressed."  Woodworth went on to say, "We set bigger goals for ourselves than even the executive team would have done."

The TECH Leadership Team is comprised of 16 individuals from various departments throughout the organization.  The group meets every other week for two hours, participating in team building activities, discussing budgets and relevant news and information at TECH.