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Serving TECH | Melinda Young

Serving TECH | Melinda Young

In 2015, Melinda Young with Bretz and Young Law Office began serving on the TECH Board of Directors, bringing with her a passion for the Hutchinson community and a vision for the future of TECH. She looks forward to the day when TECH will be able to provide services to ALL individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, regardless of the individual's economic resources or restrictions placed on service by state and federal funding. TECH currently serves about 200 clients in Reno County and would love to see Melinda's vision become a reality. Melinda joined the TECH board because she wanted to do her part in ensuring that TECH's work continues to enrich our community in the future. She was first introduced to the organization through her business partner, Matt Bretz. "Matt has supported TECH for many years to come and I guess his passion for TECH's work was contagious," says Melinda.

Young said she is excited to be a member of the TECH Board of Directors because of the incredibly talented and committed management and staff at TECH, which makes the organization not only solid and stable but also growing and viable. Melinda said, "Because of TECH's work, our entire community is stronger, healthier and more productive." She went on to say "Individuals with physical and developmental disabilities enjoy the benefits of living independent, fulfilling and productive lives. The families of those individuals realize the joy and comfort that comes from seeing their loved ones living that life and as a result, the community as a whole is stronger and more productive." Melinda said her role as a board member is to support, encourage and inspire greatness so that TECH can not only survive but thrive and grow.

Bretz and Young Law Offices Community Involvement

Bretz and Young Law Office has been a long time supporter of TECH, participating in fundraising events as sponsors, making donations to the organization as well as providing volunteers when we call. "Matt became involved as board member years and years ago. Since that time, Matt and I have continued to remain involved because TECH's goals and values align so closely with our goals and values - we both value making our community a better place to live, and we both strive to give a voice to people whose voices are frequently not heard," says Melinda. Bretz and Young is committed to safer and better communities. They contribute their resources or time and financial support to local organizations and companies who are at work in the same communities that they serve. They place special emphasis on education, children and families, and underserved populations.

Not only does Bretz and Young Law Office serve TECH, but you can find them supporting several other area non-profits. "Because Matt and I both grew up in Hutchinson, this community has a special place in our hearts. Bretz and Young has had a commitment to serving the Hutchinson community from the start, and community involvement is an intrinsic part of that commitment," said Melinda.

Volunteering with TECH

We not only find Melinda volunteering her time at the TECH boardroom table, but her and her husband are quick to volunteer for local fundraising events and continually support special events such as the Art Gallery Grand Opening and the TECH Gala. Melinda said, "I greatly enjoy volunteering at events for TECH. I love seeing the ways in which TECH's work directly impacts our community through meeting TECH clients and their family members. I also love seeing how our community shows up in such incredibly generous ways in order to support this organization." For others considering volunteering their time to TECH, she said "your particular skills and strengths can be put to great use by volunteering with TECH. Because of the vast variety of TECH activities and services, they can use volunteers of all backgrounds and experiences." To find out more about volunteering with TECH, call our office at (620) 663-1596.

The Fun Stuff

Before we wrap up, we wanted to know a little more about Melinda! Here are a few fun facts:

T | What's the best advice you ever received?

M | Do what you know is right regardless of what others might think. Standing up for what is right and affecting change can be difficult. Sometimes doing the right thing is not always the popular thing so in order to make a difference, you have to get comfortable with the fact that not everyone will embrace and like your ideas.

T | Do you have a favorite quote?

M | “Well behaved women rarely make history!” Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

T | What do you like to do in your spare time?

M | That is a hard question. My first thought is: spare time? What spare time? My second thought is: too many things to list. Ultimately I like to do anything that puts me in a position to try new things, meet new people and experience new places including travel, spend time with my husband and daughter, enjoy time with friends, and yoga!