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Staff Recognized at Annual Awards Banquet

Staff Recognized at Annual Awards Banquet

TECH's annual Awards Banquet was held Thursday, January 18th, recognizing the contributions of new and long-time team members. This year, we had 16 honorees, celebrating a total of 165 years with TECH.

3 Years of Service

Charissa Brown

Charissa started her position here at TECH working in the Training Center, transferring to a Residential Group Home and most recently the Adult Life Skills. Charissa has always been flexible and willing to fill in wherever needed and is a great client advocate. She is very client centered; evidenced through her kind interactions and her willingness to listen to her clients’ needs/concerns and goes the extra mile for others. Charissa is very creative and adventurous and shares that with her peers and clients. Congratulations on your 3 years with TECH and I look forward to seeing you here on your 5th anniversary.


Matt Barban

Matt Barban is described by his Team Leader as being compassionate. He has a huge heart and fun personality which shows through his interactions with the clients. He is particularly sensistive to those who are aging or have physical challenges. He is dependable and is loyal tot hose we serve. He is very mild-mannered. Matt's smile at Baldwin, at times, can often be contagious. Thanks, Matt for the past three years!


Dawn Adams

Dawn was working on the night shift at 27th when a leadership position came open.  She was interested so she started offering to help me out with duties.  I soon learned that Dawn knew the house and had the skills to do the job. After a few months of helping, she was promoted to her  Team Leader role. Dawn is a willing worker. She sees the needs of others throughout the agency and always offers to help. She helps fill in at ALS but loves helping with Reigns of Hope. Dawn has devoted a lot of time and effort into making sure the needs of the ladies are taken care of.  She is constantly asking questions to gain more knowledge and is doing quite well as a new leader. Thanks, Dawn!


Jacque Morgan

Jacquely Morgan came to residential from our Health Services Department. She is very person-centered and very loyal to the clients. Jacque has a huge heart for the indivudlas we serve. She focuses on teaching the clients to be as independent as possible through her kind, gentle approach. She is very computer savvy and helps to keep things organized and tidy.  Thanks, Jacque!


Catherine Zimmerman

It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know Cathy these past few years. I appreciate her eagerness to learn about the agency and this field. I also appreciate the persistence and passion she has when advocating for her staff and the people she serves. Cathy’s coworkers and staff know they can count on her anytime. I look forward to working with her in the future. Thank you, Cathy!


5 Years of Service

Christin Grounds

Christin has been described by her Team Leader, Lisa Vanwey, as being dependable and reliable. Christin is very devoted to the clients. She brings compassion and organization to the team at Baldwin. She is a very hard worker and is very detail oriented. Christin is always willing to work extra hours in a pinch and is cross-trained to work several locations. Christin uses her sense of humor to handle some of the most challenging situations.  Thanks, Christin.


Stephanie Barban

Stephanie is a great employee!  What you should know about Steph and what is important about her is this; Stephanie writes poetry. She values the importance of "family." Not just her husband and her kids, not just her mom and her dad, not just her sister and brother-in-laws. She shares stories about grandparents, fishes with grandparents and is excited to be with her grandparents. She visits her parents. She writes poetry about family. Stephanie is proud of her kids. She is young and somewhat immature about things she has not had life experiences with but she isn't afraid to meet those situations head on. Stephanie loves to do things for others. Not "normal" things, she does things from her HEART for others. We took a vote and it was a unanimous decision to keep her a while longer!  🙂


James Pope

James began his position here at TECH working at the Adult Life Skills. We’re very grateful for the many things he’s added to our client services and team. He recently transferred into an on-call position so we see him one day per week and our clients look forward to the days he is with us. One of the things I appreciate about James is his smile and willingness to do whatever task is at hand. He remains super patient with his clients and brings much creativity with him. Thanks, James, for all you add to our TECH team and we look forward to seeing you here on your 10th anniversary.


10 Years of Service

Brandon Sterling

Brandon has worked at 59th, Washington and is currently the Team Leader at Buchanan. He has an excellent rapport with the clients and has learned how to manage some really tough situations. He has earned the respect of several family members in the residential department. He has cross-trained at most of the locations throughout residential in an effort to help out when needed. A few years ago, Brandon and his wife Crystal embraced an opportunity to take care of another individual served by TECH at home. Brandon is particularly proud of him and the impact that they have made in his life. They have no biological connection which speaks to the person that Brandon truly is. Thanks, Brandon!


David Barban

Dave has worked in the Computer lab, Day Services as Floater and is currently a Team Leader at Lorraine.  Dave has an excellent rapport with clients and with family members.  He is very detail oriented and insists on keeping the house extremely organized. He uses his creativity and his sense of humor to handle tough situations. Dave has a great deal of experience with technology and those skills often come in handy. His overall knowledge of the agency combined with his U.S. Navy service made him a good candidate to teach our active shooter class. However,  he shines particularly in end of life care situations and considers it an honor to serve the clients. Thanks, Dave for your leadership and years of service!


15 Years of Service

Brenda Tiedtke

Brenda has given 15 years of hard work and dedicated service to the people she serves. Her positive attitude and easy smile make her a pleasure to be around. Brenda is known for her calm and patient demeanor and can be counted on to help whenever needed. When I talk with Brenda’s coworkers they seem a little jealous of the close relationship she has with the people they serve but they truly respect her and her work ethic. They tell me she is the one that holds their crew together and makes sure things get handled. I know I have certainly been able to count on her over the years. She gives invaluable input during team meetings and is a great advocate for those she serves. Thank you, Brenda!


Jim Ollek

Jim I really don’t where time goes.  Jim came to maintenance from residential. Jim is the first one on the job every day.  He misses no work unless there are serious health issues. He knows his job extremely well.  He knows the TECH fleet of vehicles well and does a fantastic job maintaining every one them. Jim has heart for all of the clients and one in particular, Andy B or in our, shop Jim B.  He has taught Andy how to service a vehicle with a little supervision. He has taught Andy how to detail out a car. He has taught Andy how to change out a tail light brake light. He has taught Andy how to help with first of the month mileages and fluid checks. Jim is also a great team player and will fill in where ever he is needed in an emergency or snow removal. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better individual in that position.  Jim thank you for all you do.


Sandy Tankersley

Came to us 15 years and has been a charm to have around.  Sandy knows all the custodial ins and outs of all her buildings.  She is a great self-starter and requires very little supervision.  She is a great people person and gets along with all staff and clients.  Sandy is the first one to say "I'm in" when something unexpected comes along, even when it doesn’t fall under her job duties. Again Sandy is a team player even when it comes to adult kickball. She is "all in."  I'm not sure what the maintenance department would do without her.  Again Sandy thank you for all you do.


20 Years of Service

Michelle Dodge

Michelle began her career here at TECH working in the residential department, became a Team Leader, and later transferred to the Adult Life Skills and has been there for the past 10+ years. Michelle is a creative, willing worker and helps share information that she’s learned in the past 20 years. Michelle is considerate, showing concern for the rights and feelings of others and walks the walk. She is intuitive and quickly adapts to any situation and readily steps in to assist. Michelle shares her sense of humor with her clients and co-workers and has a way of lightening the environment and making us laugh. I really appreciate you, Michelle, and all that you bring to those around you and am grateful that you are still with us after 20 years. I look forward to seeing you here on your 25th anniversary.


Patty Clark

PC as I affectionately call her – 20 years this round.  Patty actually returned to TECH after working for us 10 years and leaving to pursue other interests, which helped in other career opportunities that came along later. Patty has a great many talents, one of which is being able to give ideas in situations that are challenging.  That is a strength she has always had and is widely used throughout the agency.  Her talents as a performer are what make our classes that could be on the dry side entertaining.

Patty’s kindness to those she loves and cares for is seen in her long-standing friendships (including a great group of friends that travels together and has loads of fun and makes great memories), her great relationships and support of family, her acts of generosity to others, her wonderful food that she prepares and shares, her many experiences that are a frame of reference that she shares to help others, and her more recent pet family additions that she rescued and provides with love and excellent care.

Patty and I have worked alongside one another this round of 20 years, and the 10 years before that.  There are a lot of great memories…some are memories that make me laugh, and some made me cry.  But, all are memories I cherish and am looking forward to making many more in the years ahead.

Many, many congratulations on your 20 years at TECH!


30 Years of Service

Aurie Wornkey

The first day I met you…I sat in a Larry Cupps staff meeting and watched you play footsie under the table with the man who is now your husband.  I watched tears flow as your son was married and I watched you beam with pride when you became a grandmother.  I have watched you grow up within TECH…starting as a work center trainer, to becoming the vocational evaluator, to a case manager, then the director of services, and now your current position as the Vice President of Services and Supports.

Your attention to detail, your persistence with follow ups and your desire for perfection are qualities in you that I admire.  You have the ability to always see the good, even on the darkest of days.  The love that you have for the people we serve comes across every day in the way you do your job.

From the young fresh-faced college student I met many years ago to the professional women I see today…you truly have grown up at TECH, and TECH has grown with you. Thank you for making a difference!