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Employee of the Month

TECH Employee Spotlight – Meet Regina Heter

March 1, 2022

Meet Direct Support Professional Regina Heter!  Regina has been with TECH for 4 years.  She has worked in TECH’s Roving department and is currently working at one of the Residential locations.

Get to Know Regina


What brought you to TECH?

I came to TECH by shear accident. My husband was sent to TECH by Workforce looking for a custodian’s job. He explained to HR about my background in the special needs community and the next thing I knew I was working for TECH.


What TECH pillar means the most to you?

Self Worth and Connection


Do you have a special memory about working at TECH? 

My best memories of TECH, so far, are the remarkable and dedicated people who have passed through my life since coming to work here. They have been an inspiration and although many have moved on, they have left a lasting impression on me.


Do you have a favorite quote or motto that you live by? 

I try to live each day by the “Golden Rule”.  I believe in being kind, honest and understanding. I want people to know I can be trusted to keep a confidence and I judge not unless I have walked a mile in their shoes. My second rule to live by is “Pick your battles” do not sweat the small stuff. Life is just too short.


What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy reading. I love the feel of a solid hard cover book in my hands. I have bookcases full of them at my house. 


Any fun facts or something about you that people would be surprised to know? 

At this stage of my life, it is rewarding to know that I still can give so much to others and that what I have to give is valued. Since I came here to Kansas in 2002, I have also been involved with the care and feeding of homeless cats. Many of the charitable organizations that address this problem in the community have my number on speed dial. I cannot turn my back on a cat in need of care and shelter through no fault of their own.


What others say about Regina:

Regina always has an upbeat positive attitude and is willing to do whatever is needed to aid in the wellbeing of her clients.  She honors their dignity with her kindness and professionalism.  We had a client that was having difficulties with self-care and was in declining health prior to moving into the house where Regina works.  The client’s physician noted how well the client is doing in her new living arrangement, it has been nearly a complete turn-around.  I personally believe a great deal of that credit (if not all) is due to the relationship and care Regina has provided. ~ Andrea Delgado