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TECH Staff

TECH Celebrates Staff at Annual Awards Banquet

March 6, 2024

On a memorable evening, TECH gathered to celebrate the outstanding achievements and dedication of its staff members at the annual Staff Awards Banquet. This event not only honored milestone anniversaries from 2023 but also recognized individuals who consistently went above and beyond in their roles.

As we reflect on the TECH Staff Awards Banquet, we are reminded of the incredible talent and dedication within our team. Each individual honored embodies the spirit of excellence and contributes to the collective success of our organization. Congratulations to all the award winners and milestone achievers – your hard work and commitment are truly appreciated and celebrated. Here’s to another year of continued success and achievement at TECH!

Milestone Anniversaries and Employee of the Month Honorees (2023)

1 Year Honorees

  • Andrea Kincy – DSP: Production
  • Marie Stevens – LPN
  • Diana Savard – DSP: Rover
  • Kylie DeGarmo – Team Leader: Lorraine
  • Lance Rutan – Team Leader: Landon
  • Colleen Estes – DSP: Baldwin
  • Nicole Pierce – DSP: ALS
  • Tammy Moses – Accounting Specialist
  • Victoria Adamson – DSP: ALS

5 Year Honorees

  • April Woolsey – DSP: Buchanan
  • Hillary Jenkins – Receptionist: Downtown
  • Lydia Rostine – DSP: Production
  • Tasha Miller – Art Gallery Coordinator
  • Kevin Hess – President/CEO

10 Year Honorees

  • Kelly Gauthier – DSP: 12th Street
  • Neako Tolbert – DSP: ALS

15 Year Honorees

  • Chara Kemerling – Manager of Service Coordination
  • Chris Moody – DSP: Elm Street

20 Year Honorees

  • Ciera Tiedtke – Manager of Residential Services
  • Lisa VanWey – Team Leader: Baldwin

Employee of the Month Honorees

  • January – Tasha Miller
  • March – Patty Clark
  • April – Andrea Delgado
  • June – Stephanie Oden
  • July – Shontelle Humphries
  • August – Kristan Parkins
  • September – Colleen Estes
  • October – Daniel Fairbanks
  • November – Lance Rutan
  • December – Ciera Tiedtke

TECH Standards of Excellence Honorees

During the TECH Staff Recognition Awards, we recognized individuals who embodied each of the TECH Standards of Excellence throughout the year. These nominees were peer nominated and were individuals that go above and beyond the expectations for each of these categories:

  • Leadership –Influencing, inspiring, and helping others become their best selves, building their own skills, and achieving goals along the way.
  • Dedication – Desire to produce high-quality results for the organization by meeting and exceeding expectations.
  • Expertise – Showing expert skill or knowledge in their role.
  • Innovation – Commitment to introducing new ideas, concepts, or methods in their role or for the organization
  • Personal Empowerment – Being in control of your actions, therefore enabling you to make positive decisions that bring you closer to your goals and ambitions.


Congratulations to the 2024 Standards of Excellence Awards Winners:

  • Leadership – Ciera Tietke
  • Dedication – Kylie DeGarmo
  • Expertise – Andrea Delgado
  • Innovation – Kristan Parkins
  • Personal Empowerment – Lance Rutan

TECH President's Award

During the TECH Staff Recognition Night, we recognized one TECH staff person who embodied all five of the TECH Standards of Excellence throughout the year:

  • Leadership
  • Dedication
  • Expertise
  • Innovation
  • Personal Empowerment


Congratulations to the 2024 President’s Award Winner:

  • 2024 TECH President’s Award – Patty Clark