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Employee of the Month

A Symphony of Self Worth: Kelly Gauthier, TECH’s Employee of the Month

May 15, 2024

At TECH, our mission is not just a statement; it’s a commitment to enriching the lives of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Behind every successful endeavor lies the dedication and passion of our staff members, and this month, we are proud to shine a spotlight on Kelly Gauthier, Residential DSP, our Employee of the Month.

Kelly has been a fixture at TECH for seventeen years. From her early days as a fresh college graduate uncertain of her path, to becoming an integral part of the organization, her journey has mirrored the growth and evolution of the very people she serves.

What drew Kelly to TECH initially wasn’t just a job opportunity, but a connection through her father with the HR director. Little did she know that this chance introduction would lead to a fulfilling career where she has found her passion. Over the years, what has kept her rooted at TECH isn’t just the stability of a job but the profound relationships she has built with those she serves.

For Kelly, the pillar that resonates the most is Self Worth. She understands the importance of recognizing one’s own value, irrespective of strengths or challenges. This belief isn’t just a philosophy but a guiding principle that permeates her interactions with everyone she encounters.

In her role, Kelly has found fulfillment in helping others discover their self-worth. Whether it is empowering them to advocate for themselves or assisting them in achieving their goals, she has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of nurturing one’s sense of worth.

But Kelly’s impact extends beyond the confines of her professional duties. In her free time, she indulged in her passions, finding solace in music, literature, and the simple joys of baking. These moments of respite rejuvenate her spirit, providing a sanctuary where she can recharge and reflect.

Through it all, Kelly remains grateful for the privilege of serving others, recognizing that true fulfillment lay not in accolades or accomplishments, but in the profound connections forged along the way. For in the symphony of self-worth, Kelly has found her purpose, weaving threads of empowerment and hope into the fabric of every life she touches.