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Art Studio Provides Unique Experiences

The TECH Art studio has helped provide unique experiences for every person that we serve who has walked through the doors. Some clients choose to participate frequently in the program and others steer clear but remain curious about is happening in the studio.

Last week, Michael Decker, was in a great mood and happened to walk by the studio door with Kara, one of our outstanding ALS staff. Kara decided to pop into the studio with Michael and Dorinda, the art coach made him feel welcome! She said, "I was delighted that he came back as a part of his exercise and encouraged him that if he wanted to visit with me or if he wanted to paint that we could do that."

Kara thought it might be great for him to paint so they got him set up with a soft seat to sit on and a clothing protector and got out a canvas. Michael seemed delighted with the prospect of painting! They tried a brush (he used it a little but mostly dropped it on the canvas) and then Melody suggested that we use a rag or something with paint on it that he could fling or drop and that spring-boarded into Jennifer joining the adventure! She got a rubber spatula and made a drumming noise against the table and when she saw how much that got his attention (this lead into adding music to the experiment) it became a wonderful experience for everyone! "I don’t know who got the most from this exercise, Michael or was it those of us who watched and encouraged him," said Dorinda.

Michael made a total of 4 masterpieces that morning and it was a moment our ALS team will remember for years to come!