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Meet Pam Carey: Spreading Joy and Kindness

May 30, 2024

Meet Pam Carey, a delightful and caring member of the TECH community since 1998. Known for her infectious happiness and genuine care for others, Pam never misses a chance to share a kind word.

Pam participates in the ALS program at TECH and enjoys pampering herself. Pam values happiness and independence, finding joy in simple luxuries like getting her hair done, playing bingo and enjoying her favorite beverage.. Despite any challenges, Pam maintains a positive attitude and spreads warmth and kindness.

In Pam’s journey, the pillar of Self-Worth resonates strongly. She strives to maintain her independence and prides herself on being a good person. Pam’s determination to live life on her terms and find happiness within herself is a testament to the importance of self-worth in fostering personal fulfillment and well-being.