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Event Recap | Client Recognition Night

Event Recap | Client Recognition Night

It's the biggest night of the year for our TECH family - Client Recognition Night! The highly anticipated event took place on Friday, March 2nd at the Kansas State Fairgrounds. 37 TECH clients received awards Friday night for their years of service with the organization, including one person being recognized for 35 years with TECH and another being recognized for 40 years with TECH!!

Jason Younger, a celebrity in his own right at our Client Recognition Nights, was our emcee and shared stories about each of the honorees and kept the crowd entertained! Throughout the evening, 12 people were also recognized for exemplifying TECH's core pillars; Independence, Creativity, Connection and Self-Worth. The winners were thrilled to receive their awards and several people chose to give a speech during the ceremony.

At the end of the evening, Brenda Maxey, President/CEO of TECH, recognized two members of the community for their support of TECH.

Self-Worth Awards

These awards were given out to people that embody TECH's Self-Worth Pillar; Feel productive through meaningful work, engaging activities, and opportunities to learn new skills.

Stan Bandel: Over the last year, Stan worked on learning new art skills and has taken a greater interest in creating paintings and other crafts. He is very proud of his work and enjoys sharing it with others. He likes to carry smaller pieces of work with him to show his friends. He especially likes to display his creations at home. Stan was very excited to learn one of his pieces of artwork was selected to be a part of the Art Project 2018 calendar. Congratulations, Stan!

Kelli Bringle: Kelli’s sense of self-worth is evident through her interactions with others. She is an advocate for her peers by standing up for those who may have had their feelings hurt. She makes sure those around her are comforted and feel safe. Kelli also showed her appreciation of the work of the Boys and Girls Club by donating one of her paintings as part of a fundraiser. Congratulations, Kelli!

Frank Saiz: Frank has been a role model and huge support for his peers. This past year, he helped a new housemate adjust to his new home. He taught him how to complete some chores and has guided him through new routines. Frank also provides guidance to his other housemates during fire and tornado drills. And he is sure to comfort others when they are upset or not feeling well. Thank you and congratulations, Frank!

Connection Awards

These awards were given out to people that embody TECH's Connection Pillar; Having loving relationships with family through every transition, enjoying friendships with peers and caring staff, and be a valued member of the Hutchinson community.

Madison Budreau: Madison stepped out of her comfort zone in 2017 to explore and connect with an area that she never thought was within her. Her quiet voice and passive demeanor is no longer seen when she creates a piece of art. The connection that she has made within herself and the community continues to blossom daily.  She is also a full-time college student at HCC. When Madison is faced with a challenge, she accepts that challenge with pride. The connection and relationships that she has built, due to accepting the challenges of life will be long-lasting. Congratulations, Madison!

Preston Sisler:  Over the past year, Preston has pushed himself to make a greater connection to his community. He has increased his tolerance of large groups of people and has attended parties and has enjoyed bowling with his peers. A momentous occasion for Preston was physically handing money to a cashier to purchase his own Oreo cookies. This simple act that many of us take for granted is huge for someone who struggles with connecting and interacting with others. Congratulations Preston!

Creativity Awards

These awards were given out to people that embody TECH's Creativity Pillar; Finding fulfillment through creative expression.

Stan Balman: Stan has really blossomed as an artist during the last few years he has attended the art studio. At first Stan was hesitant to try painting but found that he enjoys it and has quite a knack for it. Stan has painted several pictures and has developed quite a following. His artwork is highly sought after. Stan’s attention to color and detail are remarkable. He has developed a flair for his creativity which can be seen in his colorful paintings. Congratulations, Stan!

Carrie Hoke: In the last year Carrie has shown a tremendous amount of growth in her ability to focus and engage with her artwork. She has also expanded her painting abilities significantly by experimenting with an increasing amount of different brushes and colors in the same image. Congratulations Carrie!

Brock Schul: Since starting in the art studio last year Brock has shown a great amount of dedication and eagerness to learn and expand his knowledge with each new project. He has grown in his ability to think outside the box and invent creative solutions to any challenges he experiences in his art projects. Congratulations, Brock!

Independence Awards

These awards were given out to people that embody TECH's Independence Pillar; Living and working as independently as they are able.

Kaye Dolezal: Kaye has increased her independence by taking a more active role in managing her health. She advocates for herself and communicates her concerns to health service staff and her physicians. Kaye also arranges her own transportation to appointments and manages her medications. Congratulations, Kaye!

DeWain Hall: DeWain worked in TECH’s e-cycle department for over a year until he accepted a community employment opportunity with Takako. He is also enrolled in automotive repair classes at HCC.  DeWain’s daily schedule consists of working in the community, attending his college classes, and then returning to work after class. DeWain has flourished with this routine and continues to demonstrate his ability to gain his independence. Congratulations, DeWain! 

Jonathan Holmes: Last year, Jonathan moved into a TECH Residential group home. He had expressed that he was ready to move out of his family home and become more independent. Since the move he has made wonderful progress on his daily living skills and continues to learn new tasks. He enjoys helping around the house, going on outings with his housemates, and playing video games.  He continues to take on new responsibilities and grow every day. Jonathan has really started to come into his own and develop his own sense of independence. Congratulations, Jonathan

2018 Good Neighbor Award

Darin Clifford, owner of Steffen's Auto was presented with the 2018 Good Neighbor Award for being a huge supporter of TECH and of one of the people we serve, Floyd Watson. Floyd enjoys visiting many of the establishments in downtown Hutch but experiences varying degrees of welcome. Darin not only welcomes him but has become his friend.  Darin’s acceptance of Floyd’s patronage to his business has made it possible for Floyd to develop relationships with the other customers of Steffens Auto and widened his circle of friends. For Floyd, this group of people has become part of his extended family. They take him out to eat, purchase gifts for him and in general, keep an eye out for his well-being. Darin and the crew have thrown birthday parties for Floyd and even created a Facebook page called Friends of Floyd. On behalf of Floyd, thank you for the support you have given to him over the years.

2018 President's Award

The winner of this year’s President's Award has done so many things for TECH and the people we support.   It is not often you find a community member who lives and breathes TECH as much as we all do.  It is not often you find a community member who gives so freely of themselves, their time, their talent and their passion.  Someone who understands and believes in TECH’s Pillars of Self-Worth, Creativity, Connection and Independence….this very special person is Cindy Miller.

Cindy served on the TECH Board of Directors from 2011 to 2016.  She served as the Board Chairperson, during a time of growth, challenge, and change. Change is never easy for people, but Cindy stood by TECH and her belief in what was right for the organization and the people we serve, she never wavered, she never lost faith.  She helped to usher TECH into our new future.

After her term expired on the TECH operations board, Cindy gladly agreed to join the TECH Foundation Board in 2016.  This woman has such passion for what TECH does and who we serve, that when asked, she agreed to join the TECH Operations Board again in 2018.  She now serves on both the Foundation Board of Directors and the Operations Board of Directors.  Keep in mind, she and her husband Todd also own and operate their own full-time business.

Cindy served as co-chair for the inaugural Gala fundraising event that was held in 2016.  An event that doubled the number of dollars ever raised by a TECH fundraising event.  She served as co-chair for the Gala again in 2017, and once more hosted a sellout crowd and raised $100,000 for TECH.

Most recently Cindy and her husband Todd were inducted into the TECH Foundation Legacy Society.

Cindy Miller truly cares about our community, she cares about TECH and she cares about each of the people we serve. TECH is a family and we are so glad to have Cindy Miller as part of OUR family!  Congratulations, Cindy!