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ALS Celebrates Earth Month

ALS Celebrates Earth Month

Earth month has been such a fun time and raised awareness with our clients (and staff) on the importance of recycling and plantings. ALS recycled cardboard, E-waste, plastic, papers and recycled various items into craft projects. Amy, Kim, Trish & Carol made mosaics out of recycled items (wood block & tiles).

A short trip out to a farm brought our nosy friends up to the corral for a visit. Staff and clients shared cantaloupe with Outlaw, Donkey & Scarlett. We checked the progress of the garden and discovered onions, radishes and peas were sprouting but no potatoes yet. Last years' trees have survived and are full of buds!

We took an E-cycle tour and it was awesome!  A big thank you to April & Steve for sharing with us.

ALS staff and clients made bird feeders from apples, peanut butter, and birdseed. Many of them were hung in the Avenue A park trees and have been well received by our feathered friends.

Groups have been out to check nature several times this month as week as nature scavenger hunts and park adventures.