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Finding Joy in Your Job

June 12, 2018

Finance, Payroll, and Human Resources. What do these departments all have in common? If you answered mountains and piles of confidential paperwork that has to be properly disposed of, then you were correct. Proper disposal means knowing exactly where the document is until it’s been run through a shredder, bagged up, and delivered to the Ave B facility for recycling.

When we first met Brandi Kile a little over a year ago she wasn’t shy to tell us that she loved attending her church group, she liked to wear fun colored hair bows, and that she had to have a great cup of warm coffee each morning. What we didn’t know was that she loved to shred. After her initial training period ended, Brandi took on the Wiley facility’s daily shredding duties. “Some days it’s a small stack of papers we give her, others it’s an entire box or boxes of confidential material we need help with”, said Daniel Williams, Accounting Clerk.

Between Finance, Payroll and Human Resources, the Wiley facility can typically keep Brandi pretty busy. “Brandi is very particular about the way she shreds and is always very diligent in getting all paperwork through the shredder even if it’s just a sticky note. The time and resources that she saves our three departments alone are invaluable to the daily task list we take on. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to spend an hour at a shredder, destroying the paperwork I’ve scanned in but instead can entrust Brandi to keep me compliant. She’s a huge asset to our team,” said Aly Spradling, Director of Human Resources.