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June ALS Activities

July 3, 2019

The ALS had a great month full of fun activities! They made trips to the Great Bend Zoo, the Smokey Hill Museum in Salina, Dillon Nature Center, and Putt Hutt which they had a great time enjoying the outdoors, seeing all the animals, playing a little golf, and getting some exercise. They visited Farmer’s Market and Smith’s Market and returned to the ALS with a watermelon, they also made a trip to the B&B Theatre to see the new Aladdin Movie. There were several who counted down the days until the movie came out, and they all had a great time together at the theatre. If you happen by the ALS you will likely notice the flower pots out front. There were several who assisted in removing the spring flowers and planted summer blooms, they do a great job at keeping the plants watered! The ALS also returned to their Friday bowling league in June.