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Art to “Brighten Your Day”

June 25, 2020

Laurie has always thrived in doing art-related tasks, but since having opened the Art Studio in 2016, she has had many more focused opportunities to create art.  In 2019, Julian & Laurie undertook a large painting project.  Julian was the teacher/coach, & Laurie was the artist completing the largest painting she had ever done (it was 5’x7’ none-the-less!).  While many people would be nervous to take on this project, the two tackled this project with a calm excitement, yet steady resolve that it was doable, just going to take a lot of time.

Laurie frequently has about at least 3 projects going at one time and when she gets an inspiration, she puts aside what she’s been working on and starts a new project and eventually returns to finishing her former projects.

Julian is an artist himself and teaches art daily at the TECH Art Studio.  His patience in teaching artists how to improve or expand their art skills is phenomenal.  Laurie & Julian have a mutual respect for each other both on a personal level and in their art skills.  Laurie has spontaneous creativity and ad libs as she creates; but on this particular project, great precision was needed as the canvas was custom made and the background being mostly white, needed to remain clean for the end product.

Laurie did an amazing job completing this painting.  It being taller than her, posed an additional challenge in that she painted a large portion of it while having it turned on its side.  Julian was ever encouraging steady progress and knows just how much to push, keeping a light-hearted learning environment for his artists.

At the end of the project, we set up lights and took photos of Laurie with her painting and then Julian and Laurie both helped deliver it to the customer, who was absolutely in love with the painting called “Brighten Your Day.”